HELP! Premuim Tickets for The Hunting Party Tour


Can anyone help me, I bought the premium package for the hunting party tour for the Manchester date, I’ve seen some people already have their tickets

But I’ve had nothing , not even any sort of information about the tickets or how the package will work, I’m getting worried because it was very expensive and no one has contacted me with any information :frowning:


I also bought a premium ticket but for Cologne
As far as I know, you will get your ticket at the arena at the box office…the day of the concert

ps. you have to bring your ID


So we have no idea what is going to happen until we get there :frowning:


yeah it’s bad… I asked LPU where I can find this box office, they said that I should contact the venue…and they again said I should ask there where I bought the tickets…


Oh thats Not fair :frowning: and can we only get the tickets on the day of the show?


I think so…because the most venues do not give you the tickets earlier


Just read the fine print at the bottom of your Live Nation order. It says an e-mail will go out (to the e-mail you used to purchase the VIP tickets) one week before the show. They will give you more info about Meet & Greet’s etc… at that time, I guess. Tickets cannot be downloaded. You have to pick up the day of the show at Will-Call window.


Hi Stephanie,I have also bought tickets for manchester albeit not the premium package through ticketmaster.They say they try and send them as soon as they are available but to contact them if you havent received within 5 days of concert date.Personally if you don’t receive them within 4 weeks i would start pestering them.Make sure you keep emails or any correspondence you have as proof but i’m sure you will have them soon(dont panic yet).Regards Barry


Thank for the info guys :slight_smile: I guess I’m just paranoid that I won’t be able to physically have my ticket until the day , I don’t know what to expect from the day so iit is a hit nerve wracking that I have to wait so long :o haha


You going to wear Chester’s shirt to meet him im assuming right? :slight_smile:


Ofc hehe :smiley: I’m going to get Chester to sign it hopefully :smiley: