Help request - Prebooking today for 3rd July!



I just bought LPU membership for the pre-booking code that you get for the gig LP are doing in the O2 arena. I don’t see anywhere to enter it on the site though, or anywhere that says where I should go to put it in!

Can someone please help me? Never booked tickets for a gig before (super excited!)

Thanks in advance!


I’m assuming you enter it at the checkout when the pre sale starts.


Ah ok, on the site it only talks about the 6th having presale tickets though which is why I’m a bit confused, nothing about the 3rd is up there


You’re on the wrong site. If you follow the link on the lp pre sald page then it takes you to live nation. You have to go to the ticket master site yourself and find the lp concerts manually because the code says it only works for ticket master.


Thank you so much! That’s the sort of mistake I would make haha :slight_smile:


I received my code todat is it for TM ?? as mine is not working ???


It is for Ticketmaster, mine worked. Are you sure you’re entering it correctly? I just copy and pasted it


how do u know its for ticketmaster does it say ??? I got mine today but TM say not valid arnt they valid for all presale??


Are you sure it’s not some other code. It should say on it “LPU PRE-SALE CODE EU/UK HEADLINE TOUR 2017 (Linkin Park)” Assigned on a given date for ticketmaster.


God knows I’m a member of LPU and should get presale code which I received this morning I’m clicking through on LP and code not working on TM is it just for presale on Friday on other ticket site? how do u get for TM as mine says presale starts today but no mention of which site


It’s definitely for Ticketmaster, search in Google for “Linkin Park ticket master” and go to the site that way as it’s slow to navigate, you should be able to book/use a code there


Today’s pre sale is on TM.

Follow this link:


OK I’m confused I have 2 codes one by email this morning and one from LPU when I joined beginning with lpu WHICH ONE SHOULD WORK AS BOTH DONT ??


Try the one beginning with LPU again. Then try the other again. C&P it directly.