HELP! Selling 2 Pit tickets to Carson show!


2 of my friends fell through yesterday saying that they couldn’t go to the show THIS saturday. that being the case, i’m kind of freaking out because the show isn’t even sold out and i have 2 pit tickets.

normally, through the site, these pit tickets go for about $123 after all of the charges and stuff. I’ll sell mine for $110 though or if you buy both then i’ll sell them for $200. that brings me short $46, but that doesn’t matter. i just need to know that these 2 tickets will be out of my hands.

so PLEASE! if you are interested in going to the show in Carson, let me know ASAP! i’ll be going to the show pretty early to get in line, so i could save you a spot in line as well. just don’t show up right before the gates open because i’m bringing my LPU11 laminate which gets us in an hour earlier or whatever.

to summarize: 2 PIT TICKETS FOR SALE. 2 TICKETS FOR $200, 1 TICKET FOR $110. SPOT SAVED IN LINE (assuming i get there before you)

thanks, LPU and please help me out!


no one? really :[


Wish I could help out and buy one. I wanted pit after hearing that this show is gonna be filmed on tv. I got front row seats tho.


Sorry. Don’t really have the cash. Already have at least one extra ticket for this show cause a couple friends of mine bailed too. We have really awesome seats though. Fourth row. And the pit would be amazing. Try craigslist.


maaaaan :confused:

thanks, i’ll try craigslist. but people there are sketchy…