Help whit 57 dolars membership


hi guys im from argentina and i buy the 57 dolars membership like 2 weeks agoand that doesnt arrive to my home i want to know if someone else have the same problem or not. i want to say too i buy the 12 dolars shipment because 120 dolars its to expensive for us(argentinians).

hola hagos este topic para preguntar si algun argentino compro la membresia de 57 dolares porque hace 2 semanas la compre pero todabia no me llego nada y quisiera saber si alguno habia tenido el mismo problema o le habia pasado algo.cabe aclarar que pague el envio de 12 dolares porque el de 120 es demasiado caro para mi.saludos


It takes 6-8 weeks for your package to arrive. Just keep checking your order’s status.


Im sure nothing happened. It takes awhile even in the US. You’ll get it soon dont worry.


cool i was scare because it doesn’t give me any code so i cant follow the orders status but if that take some time i think i can wait thank for answer me


well finaly membership it`s whit me thanks for the answers