Help with fan made video and Youtube Copyrights


Hey all, been a LP fan for over a decade and this is my first post. I originally wanted to join LPU years ago but never got the chance to.

I just needed help/feedback from those who have posted fan made LP videos on Youtube before.

One of my ways of coping with the passing of Chester was by making a music video. Originally I wanted the music video to be about a fan (me) coping with his passing while honoring him. The song I chose was Sorry For Now.

Sorry For Now was one of my favorite tracks on OML. And once Chester passed, it left a new meaning to me and it really hit home. While I started recording footage for it though, it just didn’t feel right. This was a song that Michael, Chester and the band created. To have me on it, felt like it was taking away from their work. The spotlight should be on them, not me. I felt selfish.

Since there was no music video for Sorry For Now, and Mike was focusing on his solo work, I decided why not continue making a video? Even if it was just for me. I decided to use stock footage. Footage from the California performance in October, clips of Chester having fun on and off stage. Any clips of Mike that I used are from the Post Traumatic era. I wanted the clips to go with this era that it made more sense. While I know this era has been sad, I feel like the video itself is more of a celebration of Chester and the band.

So I would like to post it. I would like fans to see it. Over the years I have seen so many videos being made with the band’s music. However I understand there is probably another layer of complications outside of the audio, as I’ve a lot of stock footage.

So I am asking, for those who have posted videos like this on Youtube, how you went about it. I’ve been to WMG licensing page. From my understanding, once I post the Youtube video, I email them as well sending a link. Then I wait to hear back from them? Obviously I am not claiming ownership or trying to make a dime. All I want to show is awareness, love and support. But besides WMG, is there anyone else I need to go to? Obviously I wish i could contact the band themselves but that’s not an option. It maybe hard with multiple clips and different sources but I do believe they are all under WMG.

I’ve seen so many fan edits and postings of LP songs over the years without being taken down. Did they go through the same process of contacting WMG?

Anyways thank you guys for reading this. I hope to get it out there. I spent months of working on this. It would be great if I can show it. If I can’t and it gets taken down, I totally understand. At the end of the day, it’s not my footage or audio. I really just used this for coping.


Welcome to the LPU!

It’s a great idea to make a video, but from what I’ve heard, WMG is pretty strict when it comes to uploading official songs. I don’t know much about it, but I hope we’ll get to see your video soon :slight_smile: