Help with my M&G!


Guys, I’m already a LPU member but when I try to apply for the meet and greet contest, I see the messenge “Sorry, you are not in an appropriate tier to enter this contest!”. Anyone knows why?


Hi Victor! Same here if you get a solution nlet me know i’m getting crazy, on the “Manage Membreship” says " Accoun and I bought the LPU 16 Welcome Bundle + Membership


Hi. I’m having the same problem. Would anyone know what’s going on? :sweat:


Luis pude solucionarlo!! me volvi loco di vuelta todo, chicos prueben esto en su perfil vayan a Manage Membreship, ahi les saldra un cuadro donde dice que tu membresia es bla bla, bajas mas y te apareceran las emembresias vas a la que compraste y pones JOIN, cualquier cosa me preguntan!


I have the same problem. I’m paid my lpu in december, and it’s still


I joined the LPU 16, and it still does not appear on my profile as an active LPU.


Maybe the payment hasn’t be processed correctly. If you have the receipt I think the best you can do is contact support. Best wishes for everyone!


Victor try this, go to Manage Membreship and tell me if it says “YOUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP IS LINKINPARK.COM” if it is you have to see below the membreships and click on “join” button