I just purchase a LPU 12 PLUS PASS

my Subscriptions status is down below

Subscription: LPU11 1 Month Trial - Free
Expires: 06/28/2013
Subscription: LPU11 Pass
Expires: 05/10/2013
Subscription: LPU12 1 Year Subscription
Expires: 06/28/2014
Subscription: LPU12 Plus Pass Access
Expires: 06/28/2014

plz help me… Make the 1 Month Trial - Free disappear and expires date at 05/30/2014

1 days to purchase LPU HK summit.

Don’t wanna miss it TOT

PLZ tell me that if it would affect my apply of HK summit or not?


It appears your good until 6-28-14, what’s the problem?