Hey guys, guess what.......?


Greetings my fellow poopies, this post will only be updated when I myself, your bunny leader has successfully taken over the thread forums. As you can see, I have ruled over the forums in your poopie absence. I have risen again.

B.O.T.S Group H
The Copy/Paste game



But what if I post in here


Actually, this year, the forum has been more active than in 2011-2014. When I was joined at the start of the year, there were barely any topics with over 1.0k views, except for the “Where do you live” topic. (shit, can’t find the screenshot anymore) Now look how many topics there are with thousands of views:

Anyway @intheend it doesn’t even matter…


Glompsmeme :3


When LPU14 started, all topics had 0 views, even those made back in 2011


Silence butt sniffer!!!


snaps @purrfect neck






I’m not scared of turds


You should be. A zookeeper died by drowning in elephant crap. :laughing: I promise that’s true.


I have this strong urge to join the kgb again…


:heart: love for Meme


** loads gun **


gets 3 death stars and straps them together with galactic gaffer tape to blow @intheend to kingdom come


pokes @purrfect in the neck with a poisonous toothpick
makes @the_termin8r1 special brownies


I don’t know what kind of special brownies you make, but usually that refers to brownies with weed in them


poisonous toothpick? is that a real thing? xD


Yes. Yes it is.