Hey guys, i'm new here


[smile] Right, so I signed up for here when I pre-ordered living things… I’ve not been an LP fan for that long (since I was around 7 :p) and I need some introducing to all of this…

So can anyone help me?



I’m pretty new too, but discovered if you click on the top left (LPUE) it’ll take you to the main menu. There’s plenty of links on the bottom.

You can also click “Manage Account” to see where your profile is at, you can build up points through various activity and that’ll get you some stuff, hope that helps man!


welcome to the lpu! :slight_smile: please let me know if you need some help! I’ll try to help you :slight_smile:


Welcome to the LPU!

Check things out, kick the tires and have fun. If you ever have a question, dont be afraid to ask one of those Mod peeps for help. They arent as square as you think…



I need help how do i get friends on this site. Iam just about to go in and watch linkin park


Do you mean have them join LPU?