Hey guys, my friend and I entered the LPU sessions last year and have since formed a band. Would like to see what you think of our music


Our first song didn’t get nominated in the LPU sessions, however we liked making music so much that we have continued making music with a band now. With Linkin Park being our favorite band, we obviously have been influenced by them musically as well. Im not trying to spam or flood the forum but we would really like to hear feedback from people! Let us know what you think, all comments are welcome good or bad!

We are Project One and here is our music.


You are not spamming. Thanks for your link. I just checked your Reverbnation site. I like your music. Actually I like it pretty much :slight_smile: It sounds interesting and diversified. It reminds me a bit to NIN. I’ll follow you guys on twitter to stay tuned. Keep it rolling boys. You are on the right way!


oh wow, thank you very much for taking the time to check us out and follow us on twitter. It is always encouraging
to hear feedback from people, especially good feedback. Stick around for new music and videos coming soon!