Hey :) I'm new here


Hey LP Family :slight_smile:
I hope I find my way around the forum and theme.

Sorry for my English. Is very bad :smile::grin:


Hey! Welcome to the forum. It’s fairly easy to use. We’re a friendly crazy lot. Don’t worry about your English. We will figure it out. Where are you from?

Hope to see you around.


From Germany


Hey and welcome. :slight_smile:


Hello,nice to meet a new soldier here!What’s interesting,I have some problems with English,but it’s not and important thing on this forum:you can fing somebody who speaks German)For example.I’m from Russia and it’s easier for me to explain my thoughts in Russian and I’m sure that there are a lot of guys from my contry)What’s the most bad thing which I can say about this forum is a very low activity,as I see.Despite this,I believe that one day this forum will be a very popular place where all the fans will talk about everything and make friends more.
Well,welcome to our family)


Welcome @butintheend !! :sun_with_face: :smile:


Welcome @butintheend


Welcome to the lp family. :hugs::hugs::hugs::grinning::grinning:


welcome @butintheend


Hey there welcome to lpu


Alright… @intheend vs @butintheend RIGHT NOW!!! D:<


I’ve got my money on @butintheend :smiling_imp::grin: winners luck perhaps ur I don’t know :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:


Hello from germany too :metal:t2::sunglasses:


@HakManLP :metal:t2:
Juhuu endlich jemand der meine Sprache spricht :sweat_smile:


@intheend let’s fight lol

@framos1792 I’m going to give me trouble :metal:t2:


yeah, but the english language is the only one around here. :rofl:


True :joy:
So I can build up to at least my (great) :rofl: English


Welcome! :grin:


(stands next to @framos1792)
(snaps @framos1792 neck)
(takes to Hawaii)
(drops @framos1792 in lava)
(smokes a candy cigarette)


Welcome to the LPU! :slight_smile: