Hey :) I'm new here


Hey little bunny :smiley:

Thanks for snapping neck :upside_down_face: I needed an adjustment by a chiropractor :crazy_face:

How did you know I love Hawaii and wanted to visit? :star_struck:

A parachute jump over Kilauea :star_struck::star_struck: that’s so awesomeeeeeee!!! :grin::grin::grin:


We didn’t I dumped you face first in lava


We have a winner! Congratulations :smile:


Ahh that one must have hurt but I’m okay
The lava was already cold :crazy_face:


Hallo komme auch aus Deutschland genau gesagt aus Hagen /ruhrpott lässt grüßen :laughing:


Hell there from North hessen :sunglasses:


:Umarmungen::star_struckich habe dein land besucht, sehr herzlich und freundliche Menschen,wollte in namen aller sagen.:heart_eyes:


I don’t speak Germany, I hardly know some words. Translate please.


I was excited thinking they were talking crap to you for going against me lol
Unfortunately they were being nice saying they visited your country and your people were very nice :roll_eyes:
Except you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:(I added this part lol)


Ohh! Thanks for the translate.

@ivanar5845 thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


Wir werden uns jetzt auf Deutsch über dich lustig machen! :sunglasses:


Lol whyyy what did i do?!


Is there ever a reason to beat on you? :upside_down_face:


:rofl: I loved that honesty so I guess not :sweat_smile:


But we still do anyway :sweat_smile::joy:


You try to :roll_eyes::grimacing:


I say, hallo i am to from germany, exsactly from Hagen/NRW


Didn’t know you’re german too,

“hi” :rofl:

liked your song selection the past couple of weeks :yum:


I’m American actually :sweat_smile: I only know a little German, the rest comes from Google translate so I can pick on @framos1792 and @IronSoldier16 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And thank you, LP does have the best music.


We can teach a lot more :laughing::sunglasses: