Hey :) I'm new here


Yeah, I’m just not very fluent myself yet, especially with nouns and other things.


In this keys just like me with englisch,
But this site People are very kind &lovely
So sometime litl mistake can be forgive


Wir akzeptieren alles, was hier ist, und es gibt immer viel Liebe, um herumzugehen


Just says welcome😉 i am from Hungary, but i speak German too…my English is real terrible😂


Welcome to the LPU! Don’t worry about your English :slight_smile:




I’m sorry, YouTube music is not available in my country.


Life from köln 2008


Seizing the creation of this topic, well, here’s a little about me!!!
Join LPU in last nov, but i’m a fan of linkin park since i can remember. See them 3 times live, and going to see Mike in Luxemburg in March :grin::grin::grin::grin:.
26 years old, born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal (the most beautiful country in the world :grin:)
For a living, i’m a food scientist and i’m taking my PhD. Is there anyone into science stuff? :blush:
Loving my experience here in the LPU community. You all see very friendly and a very united group.

thank you for all the great welcomes from everyone! :grin:


:scream: a food scientist :smiley: awesomeeee!!!
Please make bacon flavored apples a reality :star_struck::joy:
And welcome again :blush:
Scientist not so much, more towards tech :upside_down_face:


Nice to hear more about you! :hugs:
Food scientist sounds sooooo cool! :thinking: :grin:


Food scientist, not a field I’ve heard of. Does it deal with things like GM crops or is it somehting else?

Not really science, but I’m an Electrical & Electronic Engineering student, in my final Bachelor year, planning to do a masters. So I can comprehend a fair bit of science provided it doesn’t get too complicated or too far in one direction.


Oh… I didn’t know there is a Chatroom for that.
And also I’m not very good in introducing myself… but I’ll do my best. :smiley:
Born in 1993 in Germany and lived there some years, however, I’m Hungarian and currently living in Budapest (and I already have my Ticket for the Mike Shinoda Concert :stuck_out_tongue: )
I’m a mathematican, and working as a Market Analyst.
I joined the LPU last November, just like you @manypintas (and yes, I stole some inspiration from you :smiley: ).
I saw Linkin Park 4 times live, and I’m a fan since the 31 December 2006 (it was the day when I heard Crawling for the first time and I was immediatly in their Ban :star_struck: ). LP is my absolute number one favourite band, but I’m also into a lot of other musics and bands, so I try my best to go on lot of concerts. :slight_smile:

Sooo what else could I say? No idea… But if anyone has a question, I will answer (if I can)


Welcome on board and nice to meet you!! :grin:


Welcome to the LPU! :smiley:


Heeeey what’s up?! :smiley: nice to meet you and welcome :grin:


Welcome :heart::hugs:


Welcome @manypintas and @millerraven! :grin: Nice to have you here guys!


Welcome to The LPU


@framos1792 although the idea is revolutionary :joy: that apple would have like a lot of additives and chemicals and probably lost all the healthy side of tje apple itself :joy: who knows? Maybe one say!

@lpfan61 it is very cool :grin:

@the_termin8r yes, GM crops are part of food science. More like biological engineering applied to food science. I actually have a co-worker that works on that! In my area of expertise, i study new technologies for food packaging, like active and intelligent packaging. Also the biological properties (antioxidant and antimicrobial) of plant’s and fruit’s by-products extracts. In the supermarket you can easily find active packaging, for instance, the chips bag fill of air :grin::grimacing:

Welcome @millerraven :grin::grin::grin::grin: