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Awesome, but isn’t it nitrogen as the air reacts with the fat and makes them taste like crap over time? And wouldn’t the gas in the bag be considered passive?


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Agumon jajaja

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My favorite Pokémon would be Mega-Absol


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Uhhh…the game I played the most was the ruby/sapphire versions so Blaziken kind of grew on me the most besides the og Pokémon :sweat_smile:


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Hey, Absol comes from the 3rd Gen (Ruby/Sapphire)


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Oxygen is the problem here. It speeds the oxidation of lipids (which can make them taste and smell bad). Nitrogen or carbon dioxide are the most used gases in the modified atmosphere packages. What do you mean by passive? It’s not harmful to human’s health but can prevent lipid oxidation which can be harmful.


Passive as in you stick the gas in and that’s it, active would imply a sense of ‘adaptation’ for lack of a better word. It can be better explained with an example. For instance, noise cancelling headphones (the gimmick that they are). You can have passive ones in which the ear cups are just packed with sound deadening material and you can have active ones which have actual circuitry that tries to eliminate the sound.


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I am another scientist but from Bulgaria. Seems LP helps in writing Ph.D. thesis all over the world :wink:
I create new types of fruits and it’s kind of nice knowing that this way I help the hungry.


Hey, didn’t think I’d see a fellow here. I’m from Bulgaria as well, but I live in the UK.


Of course you will see, Bulgaria is more than чалга. And Linkin Park’s influence has always been substantial. I remember great parties and dancing on “In The End” and “One Step Closer” in one iconic club/pub in Plovdiv called “No Sense”.
And may be, we can start a new topic and try to find more people from our country …??? Just to say thank you Linkin Park, and thank you Mike for keep working.


That’s very interesting work!
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Nitrogen is a pretty inert gas so it does not react to the food itself, so it’s active per say.