Hey :) I'm new here


Welcome to the site! I’ve seen LP 3 times live too. They are my favorite band.


Thank you :smile: they’re my favourite band too :smiley:


Seems it’s the right place to say: Hi, I’m new. I regret that I joined so late.


Welcome. :slight_smile:


Welcome! :grinning:


I know the feeling. When i was 12 i heard about the LPU and my parents didnt want to pay for it (we were pretty poor). Now, 17 years later im thinking: why the hell didnt i join when i had my first job…? :roll_eyes:


You can have a free account these days.


welcome the LPU @anomalia

And I have never paid the fee :joy:


Nice to meet you Neo! :smiley::sweat_smile: (the anomaly in the matrix :grimacing:, sorry bad start :joy::sweat_smile:)

It’s never too late to join an awesome place where you’ll fit right in regardless of where you come from :grin:


What is your university, if I may ask ?


I always had a free one


I’m in University of Coimbra ( Faculty of Pharmacy) but I work at National Institute of Health Doutor Ricardo Jorge :slight_smile:
And you?


…went to buy a black coat. See me soon.


@framos1792 the new soldier understood quickly how to reply to your onion behaviour :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: :joy: :rofl:


:scream: :thinking: the real Neo would already have the black coat :face_with_raised_eyebrow::stuck_out_tongue:

@lpfan61 I KNOWWWW! :scream::scream::star_struck: that’s awesome! :grin: more fun!


Have you ever heard the word Fashion? Who wears coats of 1999 (or even 2003) today?


Hipster retro minded people :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue:



Welcome! Better late than never


I’m wearing almost just black/dark clothes :smiley: So a black coat isn’t a big deal I think. :smiley:


Like me…