Hi everyone! Newbie here ;D


Hey everyone! :smile:
Just joined LPU 5 days ago and I’m glad to be part of the community.
I loved LP and I’ve been a fan since I can remember (when I was a little kid or something because LP was on dutch music channels a lot somewhere around 2000).
I also can’t wait until my goodies and T-shirt arrive XD
Anyway, feel free to chat!

Btw, any more people from the Netherlands here?


Welcome to the LPU!! I hope you find it as enjoyable as most of the rest of us do!


welcome Nena , have fun around us


Hi and welcome, I lived near the netherlands some years ago, right now I´m near munich


thanks everybody ;D!


hey and welcome. not from the netherlands but your neighbour causee i live right behind the border :slight_smile:


Hey, altijd leuk nieuwe LPU’ers uit Nederland :wink: Ik woon vlak bij Eindhoven. Ben je ook naar de show in Amsterdam geweest begin deze maand?


Haha Deutschland? ;D


Jaaa!!! het was zo gaaf he …


Jap :slight_smile: sag ja um die ecke :slight_smile:


Welcome frm germany too, hope you will feel well :slight_smile:


hi, & welcome (from 6315kms away) hehehehe


Haha thanks all :slight_smile: feel free to add