Hi there I am ne so come say hi!:D


Hi there. I’m Kim. A newbie haha. I joined before for a month when i bought the hunting party album.
And after going last night i bought the lpu bundle. Woop woop.
Went last night in london as an early birthday treat. (21 next thurs 4th dec)
We travelled 4 hours to see them at download. Not releasing about the tour haha! My bad.
anyway this is me and my lovely boyfriend that acted as my back support after moshing too long haha.

NICE TO MEET YOU ALL! :smiley: finally somewhere I can feel at home. X


Welcome to LPU!


Welcome to LPU , I am also new here and it is very nice to get together with so many fans. Enjoy using it :smile:


Welcooome! I’m surprised how many people joined the LPU the first time this year :open_mouth: that’s awesome


And to think these are only the people that have visited the forums, there’s probably twice more people that joined!


Welcome…I’m new too. Hope you’re having as much fun as I am :smile:


Thank you all! I didnt even know it exsisted until this year otherwise i would have joined long ago! :smiley:
everyone is so friendly here. Its awesome! Hope to meet some of you at the next gathering :slight_smile: