Hidden Meaning in Valentines Day


Recently I’ve been listening to Valentine’s Day off minutes to midnight, and the song Fire by dead by sunrise. They’re both about someone close to Chester dying, and to this day I have no idea who that is does anyone know who it may be?


valentines day is for his father


Yep, If I remember correctly, feb 14 is either the dads bday or the day he passed away-that’s where it comes from
This conversation came up a couple years ago and I believe that’s what somebody said finallh


His father is still alive and his stepdad died in 2016 the song is from 2007 his actual dad even went to the Hollywood Bowl show. @framos1792


Ahhh :sweat_smile: there I go spreading a rumor :crazy_face:
I blame @Im_Normal :joy: :point_down:t3:

Either way, it most definitely is about the dad, but that day ha special meaning
Maybe it’s his birthday
It rings a bell definitely
I know somewhere on the forum there was an explanation but it would take me a while to find it
It might be his birthday then and it was like spending that day without him etc etc
It’s something like that


Speculations… who else than Chaz will know this? So there will be no answer to find for you- thread can be closed ! Omo