Hit the floor in new york


Hey all,

Hiw would you all like to see the boys play Hit the Floor at the Barclays Center next week?! For those of you that have tickets down in GA, print up a piece of paper that says Hit The Floor. You may hold the sign up whenever you feel you can get their attention. I will be handing out signs outside the venue before the show as well!

Let’s do this guys!


Unfortunately I live in Brazil and I’m not going to show, but to do so can roll at least one stretch. Here in Brazil in Living Things tour when they were not playing Crawling screamed so loud that see what happened.

DSP audio synchronized with the images

In every tour of Living Things just had it here.


F***ing awesome!! Undoubtedly, the loudest crowd I have heard ever for an LP show!
LP surely knows how to cheer up people :smile:
I found the full show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoQc81BrjGQ


Considering they haven’t played Hit The Floor, let alone even rehearsed it in twelve years, I doubt they would remember how to play it. If you search YouTube, though, I’m sure you could find a few recordings from back in the day.


@amitrish Best presentation I have ever seen in my life. It was a perfect day! the Brazilian public loves them.

This was in my town last year, was the show that more cry I’ve never seen such a high audience, even the sound technicians were amazed.


I came to just check on LPU and ended up watching a 90minute show :smile:
Dave’s mustache was distracting hehehheheheheh


Ya you never know what can happen! My brother and I got Muse to play Dead Star at MSG. It took a FB campaign and a whole US tour of sign holders to do it but I think LP is way more reachable than Muse is as far as attention goes. We got this!