Holiday Linkin Park Merchandise


Not to diminish the designs of some of the XVLP merch, but this stuff is awesome and simple. I want the wrapping just for myself (because I assume none of my friends want Linkin Park gifts :yum:), and I really want those shirts. I kinda wish the hoodie just had a white solider on the back though, instead of the whole art

Edit: Maybe I should also link the store, duh.


Grey Street Soldier shirt will be mine.


The holiday merch looks better than some of the other merch in the store.


I agree, that grey soldier shirt is awesome and so is the mug. Also, enjoying the other tees that are on sale right now, I would get the Rebellion and Guilty tees I’ve been wanting since forever but apparently they don’t ship to my country anymore. lol! Yay for living in such a f*cked up country!


I didn´t even mentioned that there is wrapping paper for soldiers lol

I like the cup for work & at home and the street soldier tee, please
Dear @SantaClaus,
this year I like to have the items I said before on christmas day,
thank you
and can you even look about new German Concerts in 2016, thank you


I really need that mug!
Also like to wrap myself in that wrapping paper, it looks too good to give to someone else. :sweat_smile:


Buy the shirt, have it shipped it to me, I’ll ship it to you.


The mug and grey t-shirt are cool! Unless no shipping to my country


Thanks for the offer :slight_smile: I’ll renew my LPU first for now and maybe I’ll get some shirts later next year.