Hollywood Bowl Lights


I made it out to the tribute concert (and cried the entire time honestly) and I was wondering about the bracelets. Mine is blinking red like crazy right now; I’m curious on how everyone else’s is acting/has been acting. I assume the battery is dying, which bums me out.


Same here. Mine is blinking as well. I’m pretty sure the battery can be replaced if we unscrew the back, but I’m still not sure how we could turn the light on after. Does it only turn on during the show?


Are you guys playing any songs currently? I thought maybe they activating that way
I was watching my videos of oml playing and it started blinking soon as it was playing


Sounds like something interesting that you could tear down and find out. @theearlywalker was saying that her’s was blinking too.

What is it that these bracelets did? Because the blinking might mean something. I doubt it means a dying battery unless they’re meant to be reused.


They were lightening in diffrent colours during the show- on oml they were withe- kinda like one more light for each soldier :heart:️they just inlightened themselfes, and mine is still pulsing like a heartbeat :heartpulse:… ( maybe weird- but I feel connected with all the soldiers that had been there through it :wink:


i read from one of the fb groups that someone wrote that if u are near wifi it will activate. not sure how accurate this is. but yes, mine blinks from time to time too.


Ever since yesterday morning mine has been blinking. It looks like its beating like a heart to me personally. I have been keeping an eye on it since the concert, and last night it went from beating red to beating pink. I’ve taken it everywhere with me, doesn’t matter where I am, it keeps beating.

I don’t want it to go out :[


Got it out of my suitcase a few hours ago and saw it blinking! So awesome… and it’s true. You do feel connected to everyone who was there and to the band :slight_smile: But the battery is slowly dying… You can barely see the light anymore :frowning:


I’m just looking at it now but it’s powered by two 3v cr2032 batteries that are very easy to replace, you remove the three screws in the back pull it off and the batteries are nestled on the backing, don’t lose the metal film to create contact between both of you will replace, haven’t yet seen if they’ll function differently after replacing the battery though


They are two rgb led lights inside but can’t figure more than that
I looked up hurdl and they say they communicate with them through a text?

Also I just put in new batteries and it lights up white for a bit then goes off :pensive: no more red/pink or green as before…

@the_termin8r maybe interested in taking a look at the board? I know no more haha


From what I’ve read they were controlled by the lighting board through remote DMX (which is the smart cable used to run all the lights) They probably gave it some kind of final command after the concert and when you take out the battery it reset to default.


That thing, yes haha
And yeah I imagined they would reset
This one is flashing white now once in a while, maybe one flash per minute or so


It probably has a defaul command for awhile and then shuts off to save battery. Super cool new tech that I have not had the chance to work with yet lol (I work in lighting and backstage crew)


Oh that’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll get your chance soon enough, it’s a really cool startup and a great idea for any kind of event like this
If you hear of any way to program it some other way at some point it would be awesome to hear about it


I’m sure if you have someone tech savvy or enough internet time you could control it by anything that controls dmx, such as the rope lights that come with the remote


I think I read somewhere that the continuous blinking is intentional. Like, it’s supposed to represent that Chester’s heart is still beating. Mine’s been blinking for a while, today it’s just staying lit.


Soo mine is now shining red… no more blinking, just a red light.
Still wondering that the battery is still alive :smiley:


That is such a beautiful idea :heart:


Yeah I was going to say. Most of the function comes from that chip which I’m assuming is a microcontroller and replacing the batteries likely reset it for some reason. I guess they weren’t expecting anyone to replace the batteries.


So now can’t it work like before?? :open_mouth: