Hollywood Bowl Show


so if you’ve watched the show via live stream or attended the show at the Hollywood bowl, Mike preformed this song. I just wanted to share it for those who haven’t listened.

And if you haven’t seen the show yet, I encourage you all to watch it. From crying to laughing to having a smile on my face and singing along to all the songs, thank you Linkin Park for coming together, for Chester❤
#MakeChesterProud #FuckDepression


Kool there’s footage of the show


The whole thing was streamed. It’s on LP’s channel. Seems to be number 1 trending.


Yes. The whole thing was live on YouTube. It’s trending # 1 right now


Wow really imma watch it


It’s 3h long.


Fabulous concert, so proud of LP!


I cried so hard when I heard Mike sing this. This song still gets me but it is amazing. It must have been so hard to perform that song but I think we all needed it. Amazing concert all around :grin::heart:


3hrs…of sobbing for me. may wanna grab tissues.


I watched via stream on youtube i enjoyed the show though it just isn’t the same without the true voice of chester but regardless i give love and respect to the guys


Here are some quick words I had about the show and meeting people there. I have more to say, I’ll try to post more on here tomorrow


I’m emotionless, haven’t shed a single tear.


I agree
Ich War online morgen früh um04:30 clock online
IT was Incredible, fantastic❤


Great of Mike to perform this song.


this song was amazing live. :slight_smile:


Me to I cried my heart out, it was so amazing :hugs::heart:️Mike is the best.


Milk song was so beautiful and to touching i know that chester was so pould of hem. .


When he started saying he wrote something I was freaking excited and scared as well. When he sang “is there sunshine where you are”…my gosh. My heart broke in million pieces. Despite this, the song is beautiful even if I’m so sorry for Mike cause he feels guilty I suppose… :’(


:sunny:️Just found this topic and guys?:+1:t2: It was so freeing freedom giving- this show and the spirit we created alltogether- singing out louuud- I am so thankful about this experience- the band did a great job - and the lpu too, to meet there at the bench ( I love this expression- I use it like a metaphor like: we just need a bench and nothing more to feel united… great bunch this lpu :stuck_out_tongue:- and Lorenzo popping up two times ( meant two times hugging :joy::+1:t2:) was just awesome :clap:t2: - lol and we had so much pink glowsticks that I throwed mine away- lool :joy: - directly at the bench :grin:


I was meaning to share what I had posted on Facebook about the event on here a week or so ago, but it must have slipped my mind.