Hollywood Bowl Special Show


To see how many will go to the tribute next month makes me sad. I would like to go, too but my mental situation does not allow it. Wish you all a memorable, beautiful day.


Anyone that has code please let me know… I need one ! I can buy plane ticket and everything thing just need code to get tix. Thanks for any help. I had pit tix to one more light Tampa show that was cancelled. I want to go to this so bad if anyone has code let me know guyhd1200@gmail.com thanks


Posting here because hopefully people going to this show will read this:

I’m coming from Memphis Tennessee to see this show. I’ve never been to California, so I was hoping I could maybe meet some of you guys that weekend and get one of you LA peeps to help show me around on Saturday after the show? I’ll be flying by myself and meeting a couple of my friends there, but they aren’t LA natives either… this is my one chance to see the city for awhile so tourist help would be appreciated :joy::heart:️ seriously can’t wait


Hey @MutantKid happy birthday! I hope LA is like a late present lol


Hey thanks! It’s my present to myself :grin:


Awesome present :slight_smile:


you should join the FB group to find some buddies


I am added in the group :slight_smile: