Honda Civic Tour Presale Code - Returning the kindness!


Hi LPU fans. I created this topic as a thank you to the few fans who welcomed me to LPU last night in the LPU chat room. Today is my 2nd day as an LPU member - the 1st day actually if you consider that 24 hours probably hasn’t even passed yet. The kindness others on this site have shown me inspired me to share the presale code for this year’s Honda Civic Tour, it took me hours to locate it, but my hope is that it helps someone else get their wish of getting into a show - the code is: “CIVICTOUR”. Just go to ticketmaster and pop the code in for your shot at tix. It worked for 8/12 - Mohegan Sun, no promises on any other tour stops though. For those last night that wished me luck on getting tix to this show - I think you’re the reason this worked out for me, and I thank you. Best of luck to everyone else. If you have information, or the ability to help another fan along, or just want to say thanks to another LPU member - maybe this topic will become the place to do it.

Keep on rockin’!

-Shane (Psychonics)