Honour Chester's life and legacy with a tribute show


To everyone in the LP family, to show much much Chester means to us, please help this petition to give our Shining Angel the tribute he deserves.

Every signature counts and it would the world if you could. If we get it past 40 signs we can start promoting it by people paying a small amount of money to promote it!

Keep strong Soldiers,


That’s not the way it works. When, and if, the guys decide to play again, it will be on their terms, when they are ready.
They’re mourning, give them space.


I know. I never said i wouldnt do it like that. I don’t even think the other bands will ever respond anyway.

Of course im going to give it to them AFTER they’re okay. I’m NOT gonna say to them. ‘Oh Hi i know Chester’s death and you’re in mourning but i want you to do a charity show.’

I WOULDN’T do that. I will wait until they are okay before handing it over. I’m NOT going to disrespect the band.

This petition is soley getting support for IF and WHEN the guys want to.