How are Meet and Greets with LP?


Hi, I have a question for the people who where lucky to meet LP. I’m just interested in how long they take and if everybody has the possibility to talk to the band members, take own pictures with them, get autographs and so on. Tell me your stories. :grinning:


I just went on a M & G was in 2010 and much has changed in the epoch was a time, I had the opportunity to speak and greet everyone, I had a little time with each of them. I’ll keep it in my memory forever. But it is something very fast in all lasts about 30 minutes. Today is a circle and everyone is together.
So enjoy and good luck!

Sorry for the English. Blame google.


:smile: Thanks for your answer. I think I understand it anyway. How many people were there? Could you understand them?
I went to the USA a few years ago and I didn’t understand anything because of their pronunciation.


When I went, had around 40. But from what I read and talked with Lorenzo it depends on the registration number. I heard that the M&G in October here in Brazil had about 70 people.


Depends on the show and the amount of people attending the m&g. At my m&g we were about 40-50 people and we had around a minute or two with each band member. (keep in mind that this depends on you and you only. They love to talk to you and answer a question if you’re not shy and crazy on them). No individuals photos are allowed, but they take a couple of group photos and from the band here and there while they go around the fans to sign stuff.


@raphael_lima That’s very much. There’s not much time for everybody. Just like evooba wrote.
@evooba: That’s good to know, that they want to talk to the fans. They seem to be very interested in them. Did you think about what you want to say to them before the meeting?


@NancyWe23 No I didn’t. It was my first m&g and I was nervous but once they all came out all that just went away… Chester, Dave and Mike talked to me the most because they saw that I was from another country so we made small talk about it. Joe just joked with me about Mike because he saw I had something to give to them… other than the usual what’s up and how they were doing, they mostly talked to me about traveling to see them actually. Only thing I got to ask Mike was how his foot was doing (cause he had sprained his ankle a couple shows ago) and he gladly replied and said thanks for even asking. So I don’t know… it just depends on their mood as well. If they’re dead tired they might not be as cheery but overall they reply to pretty much whatever question comes their way (besides ones for their personal lives of course).

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Yes, I met my favourite female singer Tarja Turunen two years ago after a concert. While I was waiting I thought I’d go crazy, but when I talked to her it was so … normal. And she was very kind.
Where are you from and where did you travel for the concert?


@NancyWe23 Oh I’ve heard from friends that she’s nice yeah. I’m from Greece and traveled to Italy to see them.


Incredible. i went last year in Brasil… They’re sooo funny and adorable! One of the best days of my life, really. I hope to see them again. :sparkling_heart:


Each meet and greet I’ve attended has been memorable in their own way.

The first time I met them, I had a few nerves go through me, but once they entered the room, it was like seeing one of my friends. They really are the most friendly, down-to-earth people. I feel like these guys have been a huge part of my life (like any friend would), and they set a really laid-back tone to the whole experience.

The LPU staff also advises against taking selfies with the guys. I’m sure everybody would like to say they had an LP-selfie, but that would slow the event down, and the guys wouldn’t be able to have as much time as they’d like to interact with everybody, and they would be there forever.

The main thing to remember is that they’re human, just like everybody else. They love to interact with the people that love and care for them, and have supported them at any point throughout their career. If you show your excitement to meet them, you’ll make them feel more comfortable interacting with you.

Most important of all, have fun with it!


I’ve only been to one Meet n Greet (and by pure fortune on my part), so my experience is rather limited. That being said it is an experience I will never forget. It didn’t take too long but the one thing I took away from it (aside from a signed copy of The Hunting Party) was how chill and down to earth they all seemed. I could talk to them, shake their hands, and get genuine (if brief) conversation with them. For example, this event was also at my very first big name/venue concert (their stop in Englewood, CO last September)…small private raves, festivals, and pseudo-concerts don’t count for me. I made mention of this to Chester and he interpreted it to mean my first LP concert. I said no this is my first concert period. His face lit up and he got all kinds of excited. He gave me a high five and started addressing the whole room about how it was my first concert. I didn’t expect such a reaction but lemme tell you it certainly made my day (I even had a crummy day at work the next day and I still had a silly grin plastered on my face because of that moment).

It really solidified in my mind that they actually care and are genuine individuals.


@zenith1 I know what you mean! At my m&g, like I mentioned above I was traveling from another country, so I didn’t really have anyone there (well, that’s what I thought) but LPU people I’ve been talking to for years came along with me and helped through the day (with translating and everything) and one of them had his birthday that day so when Dave was up to us he was like “everybody say happy birthday to this guy here!” and he meant it, like it was fun! They’re indeed amazing people and actually care about the fans.

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I “won” a meet & greet for the Nashville show Saturday. As I was reading through the instructions it mentioned “checking in”. Was just curious if anyone could comment on how early that would be in the day. Is it when doors open, or sooner? I have to allow about 3.5 hours travel time. Thanks! So excited :)!


@Abbylab You will receive an email the day of show or the night before with specific instructions about where to go for the m&g and what time. LPU staff will be there to check you in and lead you backstage to the m&g area. “Checking in” is basically checking everyone’s confirmation mails and IDs. It takes about 15min (depending on how many people are in attendance).


Thanks to all of you for your answers. I can imagine it very well. :relaxed:


Thanks @evooba! Now just to figure out what to say to them, and what to get signed!!! I would love to get Chester to sign my Ink magazine where he is on the cover. But then I would violate the “no more than one item” rule because it would be a little odd to have the other guys sign Chester’s body ;)! Ah, decisions decisions!


A very difficult decision, @Abbylab. :grinning:


@Abbylab Well, I’ve seen other people do it, like have an FM album for Mike to sign… but depends on the security that day I imagine.
At my m&g Joe came out like 10min before the rest of the guys arrived and he literally signed whatever everyone offered, he was going around us like everywhere lol. But we weren’t allowed to take any pictures at all (not talking about just selfies) cause there were minors around and security was tight.

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M&G is the best thing ever.
My boy managed to get us tickets for the 24th November at the O2 London, which was the “extra” show added to the tour and the last of the Europe leg.
There is a “minder” (Ours was Justin) that will brief you on all the “cans and cannots” - we were told that taking your own picture being a big no no, however some did get selfies as they asked individual members if OK.
The atmosphere is so relaxed, although the closer you get to meeting the band the higher the adrenaline rush becomes astronomical…
When the band enters the room you have to pinch yourself.
If you check out M&G pics on site you will see there is a team photo and then several of each band member as they move along the line signing your item. This ensures that you won’t miss out getting autographs.
We had a great chat with Chester, and he was amazed that a father and son were such great fans and this ultimately resulted in Chester calling us up on stage when fans were asked to join the band for the last song.
Not only do they make such awesome music, but the are so chilled and great guys.
All in all, M&G is awesome.
Hoping that at some point we will get to go to a Summit.