How are you doing?


So how do you guys deal with listening to Chester sing? I have days where it hurts so much. And other days im so happy and thankful i was able to experience Linkin Park in my lifetime and get the chance to expose and raise my kids to their music.


Wow I’m surprised no one has replied to this yet. That’s so cool you are raising your kids to his music!

Listening to Chester sing is always comforting and nostalgic. My body temperature usually raises when I hear his voice, to the point where I sometimes sweat and I mean that in a non sexual way. The music from Hybrid Theory and Meteora also bring me back to my preteen and teen days when I often felt rebellious and frustrated over things that happened in life. I didn’t understand his lyrics fully in those years, but it was definitely comforting to hear someone was just as pissed off as I was.

There are moments when I do cry but I’m more likely to cry when I am not listening to his music and just thinking about what life was like for him.


Well thank you for replying. I completely understand how you feel. Hybrid Theory and Meteora do the same for me and thats exactly how i feel when i listen to any of the songs from those albums. It almost takes me back to the exact moment i first heard those songs and it puts me in a better mood. Eventhough it was a bad memory in that time. I got through sooo much listening to Linkin Park. I actually named my car Meteora. Simply because te color of it reminded me of the album cover. And as far as my kids go, im so happy they love Linkin Park :heart_eyes:


It’s interesting you said that. I remember exactly where I was when I saw the video for Crawling for the first time and I also remember when In the End was stuck in my head during one of the first weeks of 5th grade. Yea true the memories aren’t the best but for some reason it’s still comforting. That was a good idea to name your car Meteora!


Omg exactly. I love listening in my headphones. Its like, now i understand what people feel with ASMR videos. I dont feel that with them but i do with good music like Linkin Park. I feel it in my whole body. Its like multi-sensory therapy. I get sooo lost in it.


I’m the same as well @dianavaldivia7 . Some days are great, some days not so much. I think, as Mike would say, we’re just ‘Making it up as we go’. And it’s amazing that you are raising the next generation of LP Soldiers.

Also welcome to the forums. Join in the games section, you’ll get to know us all better. We’re all really friendly! Also, what a wonderful picture you have put as your avatar!