How can i buy membership and other LPU accessories once with one shipping (not separately)?


I want to buy LPU bundle with membership + some other LPU products. But i cant add to cards other products from LPU store without LPU membership. Is it possible to buy all with one ship? i dont want to buy them separately :frowning:


In order to access the LPU store you need to be a LPU member, so you gotta get a membership first.


in this way, i will buy another one shipment. Where is no way to mix it with buying membership and have only one shipment? One shipment costs like one LPU 16 :smiley:


As far as I know you can’t, like I said you need to have a membership to access the store. As for shipping, it depends on where you’re from. Just choose the cheapest one.


LPU stuff isn’t shipping out until about a week from now anyways, so it probably would have shipped separately either way


They want nearly $12.00 shipping and handling on top of the $40.00 price for the LPU membership package the postage put it out of my budget this year :cry: And I live west coast USA