How can I go in front of stage


Hello to everyone… If someone can help me… In September linkin park goes to rome… how can I go in front of stage;;; last year in milan the people in front of stage have specific bracelet… they were lpu members;;; thanks


if i good undrstand ur question i think u should stay long time that be near stage, because LP this year come to rome on festival, but milan was normally concert which included EE for LPU members. It’s only my mind


Although the show in Milan last year was a festival show (scheduled in a way that only one band headlined each time) I’m not sure the one in Rome is gonna be the same. Your best shot is going to the venue super early and queing so that as soon as doors open you can run and try to get as close to the barricade as possible. Now, if there are pit tickets sold seperately from general admission, buy those instead.
Then again, if you are an LPU member and if there’s going to be early early on this show, you can use that to get as close as you want.