How can I post somithing on


Hello, I am new here and hope you can help me! I try to write on but I can’t find out how that’s possible? I try already a few days to find out but I’m not able to. Have I to sign in anywhere? Please help me!


If I’m not wrong you have to use your Twitter account or Instagram account and a hashtag. That’s all I know. Try it, in case it doesn’t work tell me.


Thank you for your answer. I only have a Facebook-account and tryed it yesterday with a hashtag but I coulnd’t find my post on the page…


Try with #RIPChester since Twitter or Instagram. I haven’t seen any post from any Facebook account.


Ok, now I’ve got a Instagramaccount to and posted this 30 minutes ago but on still isn’t it :,(.


Wait a moment please, maybe there so many post and the system is low.

It took time, but it appeared.
@ramonawe what did you do?


Really??? I can’t see it yet?!

I just posted it on instagram just like you said.


Try this:
Use the same picture.
Use the hashtag: #RIPChester
Check out the page
Wait like 3-5 minutes.
That’s on Instagram.

On Twitter:
Twit you message
Use the hashtag #RIPChester.


I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s just Twitter


Oh, i thought you can see it an just me nit.
Now, i tried it a again but it didn’t work once more. I give it up :,-. Don’t know what’s wrong :-(.


It works with Instagram too.

Edited: your username in Instagram?


It’s Ramonawell


Thank you. How long did you post it?


The first try was 2 hours ago and the second one is 16 minutes ago.


It’s weird, I didn’t see you there. What picture did you use? Maybe I can find your post. Because the other option is use Twitter.


I don’t get it. That’s really weird.

That’s what i postet…


Let’s try with other picture.
Don’t you if I follow you on Instagram?


That’s ok. So now I tried with an other picture.


Ok. I’ll post other pic too. Let’s wait a moment.

Edit: Did it work?

Edit 2: @ramonawe what are you doing in the process? Do the tag “ripchester” appear you in the options of the tags?


It didn’t work again. But I can’t also see your post. Can you see yours on the page?

Yes, it does. On Instagram it works at all but it doesn’t get to the page :-(. It’s really strange.