How Cool Would It Be If?


This is a new topic where we can all discuss how cool something would be if LP did it?

This is how it works

I start with my question and the next person answers and then asks theirs etc etc etc

So I will begin!

How cool would it be if Linkin Park did a Bond Song?


Could be good if like to hear them do a cover of “the world is not enough” or there own version.

How cool would it be if Linkin park did a tour where they collaborated with several bands and a show and band for each album such as minutes to midnight era vs foo fighters etc?


Do you mean something like Project Revolution?
As for playing just a specific album, no thanks.

How cool would it be if Linkin Park stopped collaborating with a bunch of club/dance/edm crap artists and instead worked with much better artists (i.e Muse, Eminem, Rise Against, A7X etc) that the fans actually want them to?


that would be cool

Wouldn´t it be cool if once every month there would be an “bandupdate” with interviews about project and everything around each band member, timelines etc this stuff on the LPU ???

[sry guys, I just listened to the shinoda podcast on the other topic, @tripleXero posted]


I think that would be a great idea. Something similar to LPU chats would be nice, people could ask a series of questions in the forums and each month or two the band could read off the most popular ones and address them


let´s start to pray, mb lpa lpl will post the idea somedays and the lpu get it at last? I know I´m sarcastic right now, and even I could change into lpl or lpa, seems to make more sense at least at all.

[ot the second issue this morning is going to the dentist this morning, and I hate this, so I hate everything this morning thoe, :rage:)


How cool it would be if LP announced a “Making of LPU 8.0” three-hour movie?

Yes, I mean this:


You mean like this?:

26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet (Chester Version)


That won’t play for me


It works in internet explorer and firefox, but somehow not for chrome.


What site is it from? Did you open the site you got it from before you tried playing it in Chrome?


How cool would it be if Linkin Park got an xmas number 1?


In what way do they get Xmas no. 1?


They release a song and it becomes xmas no.1


Is the song xmas related? It better not be.


Yeah, I hope we’re not talking about a Christmas song either.

How cool would it be if LP released an acoustic EP?


No no
Just a song released around xmas that gets xmas no.1 not an actual xmas song


I lav da lettaz,
How cool would it be if boys learn the 26 lessons…ähhh lettaz…
lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What if they had their own Linkin Park where it’s a public park owned by the band but they play shows every weekend when not abroad or with family?


Hell yeah!