How did you get to know LP for the first time?


For me, I got to know it because of my dad when I was really young, he showed me the video from in the end and I never forgot about that video, later, he showed the one fro breaking the habit and he put up the cd in the car for many times, since 5 years ago I actually became a great fan and never forgot my first reaction on the videos. (^-^)>

And who shares the idea that popular music now is not that good, u May like it, but there is no content while they say LP sucks when LP has actually great contents and messages in music.


I was in my teens watching MTV when the video for One Step Closer aired. Was hooked ever since. :smile:

Todays music isn’t that great. Some of it is ok, but I find myself going back to music I enjoyed back in my teens and tweens or even from before I was born. lol


I heard “Leave Out All the Rest” on the Twilight soundtrack and immediately fell in love; after that, I started to look up more of their songs…and LOVED THEM.


I listen to music older then me sometimes bucause of my dad (: most of the music is really nice, I’d say , more content in them than music popular now


My dad had just gotten Hybrid Theory and I was very interesting in the cover when I first saw it lol. It wasn’t until a few years later though that I became a fan.


I’m a sucker for 50’s and 60’s music :smiley: I agree that those songs from back in the day just seem to have more body in them than most songs do today.


It came to my attention that my older brother was watching a cool-looking music video for some band that was irrelevant to me at the time (it was Linkin Park). It sounded cool, so I proceeded to stalk him watch the video for the song “Bleed It Out”, so I could remember the band name for future reference. That was the time when I was getting myself interested in rock music specifically, but music in general too.


There was a guy in my class who told me his idol was Chester Bennington. I knew this name but after long research i found out that he’s one of the singers of Linkin Park. I was never interested in this band because I’ve never really heard anything about them, just knew a few songs like ‘Shadow of the day’. But since the research I’m an hardcore fan haha


Because I was reading a boock and the main characters were dancing and then the music changed and start In The End. When I read that I was very curious to know what song was that and I search it in youtube


Heard “Shadow of the Day” on the radio.


I think Numb/Encore with Jay-Z is the first time i head anything by Linkin Park, and I’ve been a fan ever since


I got to know thanks to who was my best friend when I was like 10 or 11 years old. His brother loved this kind of music,so he showed me one of his music CD’s. In that CD we could heard Offspring, Bon Jovi, Nirvana… And then, numb from Linkin Park. That day I totally fell in love with this group, and ofc, this is my favourite song from them :blush: it brings me a lot of memories…
Well, now I have almost 21 years old and its still my favourite song :smile:


I saw BID music video on TV in 2012 and loved that song :smiley: I downloaded it and put on my phone. I was listening it everyday during summer holidays. After holidays I bought a new phone and forgot about music on my old, but at the beginning of 2013 I heard COG and decided to download Living Things. Living Things was my first album which I was listening in full, ever.
So I’m with LP since 2012 ^^


Wel I got to know it at 7, became a fan at 10 and now I’m 15 >.< people don’t like it that my generation doesn’t like LP, and have sucking music instead, even though there are plenty of fans my age


The first album I completely listened to was minutes to midnight, my dad would always turn it up in the car, and I completely loved it (:


Even at my age (like I said, 21), people use to hear so bad music, disgusting music -.-’ and they use to think Im weird for listening to music like LP :sweat:


I have been in/on a policital forum in the internet (like this one but for politics) in 2001. A friend there recommended Linkin Park among other bands. For him Linkin Park was more like “also ok” (I think) but I really liked them.
I’m not interested in politics anymore, because it sucks and you won’t be able to change anything anytime anyways… but I’m still a fan of Linkin Park.


Mine kinda strange my science teacher was playing the album mixtures to midnight and ever since i heard that album i was like i wanna hear more from them so i went out and got all linkin park album and from that day since I’ve been a massive fan so if it was not for my science teacher i dont think i would of been into them as much as i am now anyway :smile:


I was searching for Beyblade AMV and that’s how I first hear Linkin Park and it was actually Numb and Faint instrumentals and then I heard New Divide.


Now that’s an album 10/10 would buy :stuck_out_tongue: