How did you get to know LP for the first time?


Heard Somewhere I Belong on the radio back in 2003, it had just come out…I was only 11. When I got home I just rushed to the computer to look them up and I found the Hybrid Theory songs on YouTube and I was just astonished by how amazing they were. A couple of months later I bought Hybrid Theory, my first cd ever, which I loved very very much and I still do, after having the whole collection and having listened to all of their amazing songs, I gotta say that’s still my favorite. :heart:

A Plothole in this Story

I first listened to LP at my cousin’s house
My cousin was listening Faint
I loved it so much


It was 2011. A friend showed me Waiting for the End. Or at least a snippet of it. Then, a few months later, I heard Breaking the Habit on an AMV. It became my favorite song. Then I heard Numb, and so on. Now, I am a Megafan of Linkin Park. Ask me anything about LP, I will 80% know the answer. The reason being, the only LPU album I have is 12. But I’ve heard QWERTY.


Twilights - Leave it all the rest


I was stunned by the video/sound/lyrics to crawling and then got the album first album I bought


I was twelve or thirteen when ‘In The End’ had just debuted on our local hit music station in 2001. The piano loop really pulled me in, and it had a continual build-up of energy until it faded back out to piano. Needless to say, it paved the way for the kind of music I listen to today when I received ‘Hybrid Theory’ as a gift that Christmas.


I was in middle school and in a van on my way to Tennessee with a youth convention and my friend was listening to his Walkman (yes I said Walkman). I asked what he was listening to and he put the headphones on my head. It was “One Step Closer” and I was instantly hooked. I listened to “One Step Closer” and “Crawling” the rest of the trip. I’ve been a fan of theirs from their beginning.


a friend of mine made me listen numb and since then has started a love that lasts for 10 years


Soundtrack captured me more than the movie itself.


I liked songs like Numb or Breaking the Habit since I was a child, but I was never curious about the band. It all started when I saw Castle of Glass on local music television. I became a Soldier soon after :wink:


Saw the crawling music video and just loved the sound then I saw the other released videos and the rest is 15 years of LP Love


Thanks for my cousin, she had the hybrid theory album, and for that now i’m a fan


i was looking MTV xD and there was In The End video, in every list , every top!! and i love it =D ! since then i love LP n.n <3


My friends older brother had a burned cd with pre-hybrid theory stuff on it and I swiped it off him!


LP music is the magnet, we are the nails…
you watch one clip, listen to one song, DONE!!!

happened to me 18 years ago or so…
34 now and still on the magnet!


I remember listening to Numb/Encore, In The End, and Breaking The Habit a lot in middle school. I was reintroduced to them recently because some of their songs were on sale in iTunes. I looked up more of their music on YouTube and have been hooked ever since :smiley:


I just heard Breaking The Habit in the Internet and really liked the song. One of my best friends heard this song(he had been a LP fan for a long time ) and showed me some videos (In The End, Bleed It Out, Somewhere I Belong). So I became a big fan of LP:))


15 years old, saw pprkt on TV and almost cried…
around 2 years later i bought their Meteora upon release and i still remember going through their lyrics song by song on my teenager bed!

i don’t miss those times btw hardcore fans…
i am so proud of where they are today and the journey we shared!!


I was 17 years old, sat on the backseat in the car of a friend and he played the CD “Hybrid Theorie” and I thought to myself “Hey, that sounds so cool! I have to have this CD!” Then somewhat later I’ve seen the Video to “One step closer” on VIVA (German TV Station) an I thought to me “As for God’s sake, how did they get chester on the ceiling? And it’s not hard to sing upside down?” In those days i was so nice stupid :joy: So young, so naive and so long time ago :crazy_face:


I was like 8 years old and I overheard my brother listening to one of their songs (It probably was In the End, Crawling or Numb) and though I didn’t understand english at that time I thought it was really good, so I started listening to some of their songs (I remember I used to play an online game called Urban Rivals while listening to those songs). And as I grew up and learned more english I started listening to more and more of their music.