How did you get to know LP for the first time?


I studied at high school, I think I was like 16. I watched Viva in TV everyday and Crawling started to run. I was never interested in rock or metal so I always switched the channel when I first saw it. I listened to bands like Modern Talking (yes, really :smiley:) then. I was a polite girl and thought metal music is “naughty” :laughing:

The song was played more and more often so I told myself, let’s watch what it actually is about. And from that moment I started to love LP and hard music :slight_smile: I remember I thought wow, what a strong voice, interesting lyrics, music I’ve never heard before, melodic. And how can anyone sing like an angel and scream like a devil? I liked it way too much :slight_smile:

I remember that when we bought HT and I played it to my dad for the first time, his reaction was like: “Ok, I listened to hard music when I was young… But THIS hard? NO.” I laughed and I loved LP even more :smiley:


I thought also like you “What a beautiful voice and so unique!” and then he screamed his heart out of his soul. I liked it then and now. That’s what makes Linkin Park to Linkin Park. I’m courious, how the guys will continue…


curious, not courious, sorry :sweat_smile:


Exactly! I think this everytime I hear it :smiley: Never stops to amaze me :heart: :heart: :heart:


I guess this is going to happen to everyone :relaxed: :kissing_closed_eyes:


Everyone that comes to know I love Linkin Park thinks it has been my father to influence me and I have to explain it’s not that way: it has been a mix of coincidences.

Almost 4 years ago I was in love with the anime DragonBall but I was ashamed of seeing it with others because I thought it was for boys and my family would have made fun of me. So the only way I had to see it was being in a lone room and turn the volume down. Once, watching a video without sound and scrolling down the comments’ section, I found many people who were asking “What are the songs inside the video?” “In The End and New Divide by Linkin Park” reading only the name and couldn’t listening to the songs I said myself “Wow, this Linkin Park has to be really good!”. Later that day I was going to the dentist when I listened to a nice song in my father’s playlist (it had to be New Divide I think), and seeing who the author was I found out they were Linkin Park themselves “Oh my god! They’re the ones of the video!”, so a whole world opened to me.
I was living only with the six songs of my father’s playlist (Bleed It Out, In The End, New Divide, Numb, Somewhere I Belong and What I’ve Done) until that summer I wanted to know more, and there I became a Soldier.

Pretty complex? Yes. But one thing is certain: I didn’t find them, they found me.


When my parents heard From The Inside from my ringtone they said “What is this? Satanic music?” :laughing:

Pre-Hybrid Theory stuff? Was it Hybrid Theory EP? What songs were inside?


I have the same ringtone!! And the same reaction as well… :sweat_smile: :joy:


Common experience I guess :relieved::laughing:


At least your father has some LP songs in the playlist… :sweat_smile: mine are still in 70’-80’ Italian songs… you know what I’m talking about… :see_no_evil: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :confounded:


:astonished: I know well :nauseated_face: You made it out alive, good job Soldier!


Heard One Step Closer on Kerrang TV and literally blew me away, hadn’t heard anything else like it. Up until then I’d only been exposed to mainly Classic Rock (Bon Jovi) and some Pop/Chart music. Remember going to my local supermarket to get Hybrid Theory and playing it on my portable cd player, was my first ever music purchase. Such an exiting time :smile:


Well that was my mother’s reaction :smiley: She said that he’s singing like he’s sick or something :laughing:


Hahaha :joy: always the same reaction… Linkin Park doesn’t belong to one genre, but as someone heards screams it is “strange”. Obviously as he/she get used to listen to them it’s not strange anymore, but music like this is so “out of the world” considering pop music. That’s not fair :confused:


I saw the OSC video on MTV, went out & bought the Hybrid Theory CD and that started this never ending love affair. It changed everything about music for me.


It was back in 2003, when all i listened to was country music, and Christian music. When my mom met my used to be step dad, he had all these rock and metal cd’s in his collection. I noticed one of them looked like some kind of Gundam and it said Linkin Park. I was intrigued and very curious about this cd, so i asked if i could listen to it. So as he put it in his car the first song was great, but what first hit me was Crawling…I loved it, and i could relate so much to it. To this day, because of Reanimation, i was a fan of Linkin Park. After that i joined the LPU in 03,


Welcome to the LPU! :smiley:


Welcome on board! :sun_with_face: :smile:


it has been too long, i do miss the old chat room before this forum.


Well now you can talk with the whole community! Welcome! :heart: :cherry_blossom: