How do everyone feel about the new album by Linkin Park


Feel happy that they are making new music. :blush:


There’s a whole thread, you’ve even posted in it. No need for this one.

@derek I believe I’m supposed to tag you at this point.


Ok thanks for telling me so how could I do that.


How could you do what?


That pre- order stuff but the thing is it for people who are going to their concert because I can’t go. I really don’t know.


Please notice that you start to spam the forums. Please be sure, that the topic you`ll create in future, isn ´t already done @coolcat96 . Keep it clean!


Like what? How am I spaming the forums huh



@theearlywalker I still don’t how I am doing that please explain.

@the_termin8r am I spaming


A bit, yes.


@the_termin8r please explain how I am spaming. Please explain so that I don’t make that miss take again.


You seem to be making threads too frequently, also, when replying to multiple people you can do it in one post as opposed to multiple consecutive posts. To reply to multiple people in 1 post just use quotes (highlight the bit of a person’s post you want to reply to and hit “quote reply”).


Please search before making threads, especially on popular topics.


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