How do I post photos on the blog?


Hey all,
I’m not exactly new here, but I really dont understand how to post a picture on the blog - I click the image icon that is next to B I U (that’s in the ‘Body’ line, under ‘I am not a bot’ and under 'Title:'
So, I click on it and a window appears and it says:

The page at says:
And a space for inserting an URL.
Please can anyone help me? I dont know how to make an url out of an image. Do I have to upload it somewhere and then paste the url?

I hope I didnt explain it too messy-like.

Thanks in advance


sorry, cant help you :confused: :frowning:


You’ll first need to post them on, or, etc…once you’ve done that, you can use the image url tags and that should works


Thanks a lot! Success!