How Do I Upload Sound?!?


I’ve finally done a test run for an instrumental

But don’t know how to upload it from my app saved it to my phone but yeh


You’ll need to upload to an external site like soundcloud, then paste the url here.


@acemasters or you can upload to YouTube and post a link over here. I’m looking forward to hearing your instrumental!


Cool! You made an instrumental? That is so neat-o dude. :slight_smile:
So… Either upload it to soundcloud or to youtube like the others said, really. :slight_smile:


why don’t you use soundcloud?


May have to do so

It’s not great but was me just messing about with my new app


Here it is


Tag anyone I have missed




I know you won’t take my suggestion, but either get a really trippy video for this, or just make a video wherein you are walking in a moderately crowded street and the camera is at calf-length.
Nice one!


This was honestly just a test to put my instrumental up

I like the idea of walking in a crowded street


I like it! :grinning:


I have a 2nd version using the same loops


The song is nice. Other visuals would be nice too. What did you use to make it?


kool cant wait to hear it


Music maker jam

The video is just a couple of pictures from my collection

The snakes is Sid and Fred my little girl had to look after the snake for a weekend for a school project
The rainbow was taken on holiday when my daughter spotted the rainbow on the floor


I liked the snake part!


I like it, you cant tell the difference it sounds like it was made from a studio. i like the video too


Fullscreen Direct has the option to upload sound, but it’s not enabled. Maybe in the future you’ll be able to upload directly to the Linkin Park website


sounds good, will you work on the lyrics?



Not certain, i do write lyrics but yeh this is a new step for me