How do you celebrate this important day?


First I would like to say hello to everyone here and wish a nice Halloween)))). I was singing half of the day and now finally stumbled on this community. And decided to join it in order to express my big thanks to the Band and their music. This day is very special for me because I can feel my voice and see the rights and wrongs.)


Happy Halloween & Welcome to the community :smile:


Thanks))) love pumpkin)))


Did you carve that?


Actually in my county its not a big holiday. We dont do much, some constume parties mabye. Our big holiday is 30th of april. Then the witches come out and fly.


Halloween isn’t officially celebrated in my country either. People though tend to get together and celebrate on their own, some bars and cafés organize Halloween parties for those that want to celebrate it, it’s better than nothing!


)))) Good to know)) And could you be so kind tell about do people in your country do on the 30th of April? It would be really interesting to know)


I think that people even put on Halloween costumes). Yes, I agree))). Good friends have a option to talk to each other (specially those who have not seen each other for ages). And it’s a nice day for a family to get together)


Depends on how everyone likes to celebrate it really.


Yes)). The preferences make a big deal).


I don’t know if this is coincidence or not, but last night a friend whom I haven’t seen or spoken to since high school came knocking on my door lol, tough I think it was because he was watching his younger brother.


Perhaps))). Or maybe he wanted to start talking to you). and why have you lost contact with him for so long?


Because we go to different schools. I don’t keep friends for that long. And I don’t have a social life. He seemed closed off too (he didn’t have a phone and seemed to avoid giving me his email or any other form of contact. And no he wasn’t poor- if anything he had a habit of getting ripped off for almost everything and he didn’t seem bothered).

People have it in their heads that they need friends. They don’t, they want friends, there is a difference. If you’re self sufficient enough you’ll manage on your own. As I say, solitude is freedom. Not to mention that you become more independent and get to watch others fail when you don’t. A lot of the time friends are there to slow you down.


Like slow your Soul growth, like opening your experience… ? Music for me is freedom. and of course when you are recording or singing in a quiet place it is much better when being surrounded by crowd.


Yes, definitely, music and solitude are freedom.




No, I didn’t. Owing to the lack of GIFs as per the challenge, I couldn’t reply earlier. The image is from the internet. Also, I don’t remember where you asked, but I don’t like the Challenge Forum because I was given a tough one :stuck_out_tongue:


Its the night when witches fly around. so we dress us as witches grab a broom and party all night. Juat like halloween but witches are the biggest stars. I love it, my favorite holiday.
Also its the night when spring wins over winter. so we make huge bonfires to keep the bad away.
So lots of noise and dance around the fire.


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And anyone and everyone else, what are you buttfaces doing for Halloween, what are you dressing up as, favorite candy?


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