How do you change your avatar?


Hey guys

I wonder if anyone knows if it is possible to change your avatar?



Never mind. I was able to change it by going to my account settings (not profile settings). However, I haven’t logged out and back in yet for changes to take effect.


Okay, So I have logged back in today and my avatar has not updated. It’s still updated on my account page but showing in the forum. Any ideas anyone?


You need it to do about and wordpress login, I think. First time I logged in to the new LPUXIV it was automatically there and I just use my Profilepic about this site for LPFC.


Log in and out of the forums, not your account page, and it should update.


Im confused on how to do it can anyone help?


You should be able to change it on and it will change on the forums after logging out here (the forums, NOT the main site, but logging out on the main site will not harm anything)


All working and done now, thank you =)


Thank you!!! It works!! I’m happy


Thanks! … Now I have to type random stuff as “Thanks” isn’t enough characters to post!


Although this answer wasn’t meant for me, I have to thank you very much, too. I was really confused about this “problem”. :blush:


I changed the LPU and changed here as well.