How do you feel?


Everytime I enter the LinkinPark Pages I have to click two times the message for us about Chester away and I feel very bad about that.

Am I the only Person here that feels bad, by clicking the Chester Letter away?


Same here, its not just you.

I’m still not over the fact that he is gone forever…


thank you! Good to know!


Before Chester’s death I thought about Linkin Park and felt happy. But I can’t even think about him and his songs after those news. It makes me wanna cry


No no, you aren’t. I try not to take notice. But when I do, I can’t not read it and end up staring into space for some time.


Since his dead a lot changed. At this moment it feels better for me to klick the letter for chester away. Maybe my feelings turned into blocking … idk… what about you?


Not at all. It gives me pause for a moment. I have worked through the worst parts of the grief, so I am very happy to be reminded of how much we meant to him and so I just send him my love before I “click” past.


I feel the same way too his loss was very hard for me. He was and always will be my favorite singer and linkin park will always be my favorite band. Chester mad feel happy.


To all my LP family in TX, Fla, Al, Ga, Sc, etc I hope you are all safe from the storms. So much devastation recently. My home was not damages and I am grateful. Peace and love my LP family.


Glad to hear all the devastation has stayed clear from your area! Heres to hoping for jose and the rest of what will form to stay away in the middle of the ocean :sweat:


I still have sometimes cry attacks when I listen to the music