How do you get to know linkin park?


I know them since 2012 with “castle of glass” and I immediately love them.


Hearing burn it down on the radio so since 2012 as well then I looked into there older music and fell in love with Hybrid theory and Metaro and just loved Somewhere I belong I heard when I was 11 @Sara_celsa


Hearing ‘In the End,’ when Hybrid Theory was the only album out!


Hybrid theory the first song i here was in the end 2000 and i fall in love with them ever since and Will love them forever.


2000 watching One Step Closer on MTV.


Remember when MTV was cool? :sweat_smile:


Wait MTV played music videos because now they just play stupid stuff and when did they stop doing that @melissa320


That’s what I mean haha it used to be a nice channel to just have on, new music here and there
Now it’s all stupidity :pensive:


When did the change happen @framos1792 And I think I know the answer soon after I was born I take it


@framos1792 Do I ever? I really miss it. It stinks now. Do you remember TRL in the beginning with Carson alone in a room?

@turners34 that’s how old I am. Lol I can remember when MTV actually played music videos! I would say it started to become crap in the early 2000’s.


I was born in 2001 so when I was born it turned in bad right @melissa320


Yeah wasn’t Carson like in 98? At that time I was only starting to pay attention to music but yeah good times, I think you’re right on with it dying down early 2000s though I remember still watching small portions in middle school-05 maybe? :confused: bloody hell that does make you feel old :joy:

@turners34 I think it was just YouTube that made it die out in terms of music videos, it’s all YouTube was good for in the beginning haha


It really does make you feel old. Especially since in ‘05 I was already in college. Lol. I agree about YouTube and internet in general. It just changed


:flushed: I thought you were younger ma’am, you didn’t look old at all ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am! I’ve been so rude :joy::joy: jk jk jk I’m just teasing :relaxed:


Lmao. :joy: I’m not that old geez :grin:


:joy: I know I just had to get you back for the engineering comment, you’re totally still one of us kiddos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol now that we’re at it though I have to admit the first time I saw your username, it kept reminding me of 420 and all I could think of was that it was a reference to pot :sweat_smile:


You have to admit that engineering comment was good though :joy:. Oh boy hahahahaha really? I figured people would think Chester’s Birthday. Never that tho lol


Why I an the only here that is still in high school Even one here is at least 5 years older than me but don’t think you guys are old @melissa320 and @framos1792 cause your not your still young so enjoy your life


Oh it was, it’s been quite memorable :stuck_out_tongue: props where deserved hehe
Yeah I got it afterwards that it was that but initially for some reason it’s all I was thinking lol


Lol give it time and the next gen will come in :slight_smile: my brother is dying to join and he’s just 14 so maybe I’ll let him so you don’t feel like the baby here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: