How Do You Redeem a Hard Copy CD After Purchased of Tickets?


Hi all! I’ve just purchased a premium pre-sale ticket for San Jose, California show. I’ve read an article from a reputable source stating that with every purchase, an individual can obtain a digital or a hard copy of One More Light CD. I did not see it when I was checking out in the cart. Please advise if you know the process. Much appreciated!

  • Vic


That is something not involving the fan club but more so who you got the tickets with or the vendor. Contact them for more information.


try this:


Oh nice find.

Now the next question is…where the hell is the code to put into it lol


The CD redemption is, I believe, handled by Ticketmaster, as they were the ones to mention it in a number of places, including on the Live Nation ticketing page. I got an email from them today for the redemption, and there was an option for either a CD or a digital download. I chose the CD, and after confirming my contact information (which undoubtedly came from my TM/LN account, since it was already in the fields) I got a message confirming the order had been placed. Now I just have to wait for delivery, which could be either before or after the official release date next week, though I think it might be after that.

If you got in on the Verified Fan presale, you should get a similar message from Ticketmaster shortly.


I got the same thing for LP and before when I purchased a ticket for RHCP (mostly for the to-die-for opening band). CD arrived pretty quickly.


Yeah, I got an email today as well. Whew!

Now, I’m gonna have 5 copies of the album. Time to spread the word lol


Try having 22…


I’ll have three. I bought two. One is a gift. Guess the third will be as well.


Still haven’t received a code. I got 3 tixs for Citifield


Finally got my copy of the CD today, more than a week after the initial release date. Anyone else get theirs yet?


Mine arrived on Friday.


Seeing so many people having so many duplicate copies of OML, I think I know how LP managed to artificially inflate their sales this album cycle.


I got the CD through Ticketmaster also, but they gave me a choice of a hardcopy cd or a digital download the day of release. With my digital download it only consisted of one download. Good luck.