How Does Summit Usually Work?


This is my first time attending a Summit as its in my city…
Can anyone tell me what happens, times usually and do they email you information about it before hand??



Every Summit has a different scedule so can’t really tell you exactly what’s going to happen at this next one… But if you’ve ordered your Summit Pass, you’ll get an email soon with all the info for sure.
Enjoy the Summit!


They email you the info a few days before the summit, the timing of that can vary. The summit starts with you getting in, probably eating some lunch. Then there’s stage activities where you can check out all the stuff on stage, take pictures etc. Then we had an auction where you could buy tickets, there’s some really awesome stuff so you might want to bring money for that. Then the talk with the crew and then the band. After that is the m&g part of it and then it’s over. I went to the summit in Texas and it started a little late due to the heat I think.

I had a blast, it was my first time meeting the band. It’s so worth it :smiley:


Awesome Thanks!! Were you guys allowed to take pictures with them on your phone when you met the band?? I have seen photos of people doing that but never know for sure and this is a dream come true and my christmas gift from my mom to meet idols


We weren’t technically allowed to take pictures with the guys, but if you have a friend near you, you might be able to get one. The also have a photographer who takes pictures, I got lucky and got one with almost all of the guys :slight_smile: those are posted to the website maybe a couple weeks after the summit.


Awesome! Thanks, yeah i am sure someone there will be nice enough to do that. Sweet if they take pictures of you with them I would be so happy with that. This is just a dream come true for me. :smiley:


They have a couple photographers on-site, and if you have a friend close by, you can hand your phone or camera off to them and they can take pictures of you interacting with the guys.

No selfies, though. I’m sure everybody would like to say they got a selfie with LP, but think about it this way; if everybody took a selfie with the band, that would slow them down immensely, and they would have to cut their time short, and they may not get to everybody.

As far as the event itself, every Summit’s different, and there’s definitely more than enough activities to do. I won’t go into too much detail, but past Summits have included tours of the busses, backstage, the stage itself, watching sound checks, Q&As and acoustic performances.

You’ll receive more information in the days leading up to the event, and it’s definitely something to remember.

Most important of all, have fun!!


Nah never was looking for a selfie. I am going alone but I’m sure someone will be nice enough to take the photo for me. I’d rather have that :wink: I’d be annoyed with selfies haha

Thanks for all the help :wink: totally going to have a blast


So jealous…hope you have a great time.
Been checking out all the dates and auctions but can’t seem to progress past looking as UK resident :disappointed:
Am hoping above all hopes that LP will do summit over here :smile:
Enjoy, and post the pics if you get some


Thanks!! I hope so too actually. AWE! That sucks! Im shocked they haven’t done one in the UK I’d totally go just an excuse to come back actually lol I miss the UK.

Will do! add me and I will post some pictures :smiley:



Looks like they canceled the tour for us and summit im so devastated but wish Chester speedy recovery and looks like no rescheduling dates either


So sorry about cancelled summit, especially knowing how much you were looking forward to it :cry:
Hoping Chester recovers soon and shows can be re-scheduled