How does the E-Gift-Card work?


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I hope this topic doesn’t exist already, so I’ll just ask away: Before Christmas I discovered the relatively new option in the LP-store to send a gift card to someone, this here:
So I asked my uncle to get me one. He entered all the necessary data (we double-checked whether my email-address was correct) and we figured that I’d get an email saying that I received a gift card plus an activation code or something.
Well, up to now nothing has happened.
Does anybody have any experience with the gift card already and knows if that’s normal? On the page it says that “standard processing time applies”, so does that mean I just have to wait? On the other hand, sending an email shouldn’t really take this long? Also, does the sender receive a confirmation or anything? (My uncle lives far away and we don#t have much contact)
Maybe someone can help before I contact the ground.ctrl support, thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I would advice you to contact the support team, atleast asking for the clarification on the standard time. I have seen a website that takes appx. 10 days to do so. So, I am unsure about it. Hope you get it soon, and buy yourself some good stuff. Happy New Year :smiley:


Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
I’m gonna contact them, I just wanted to check if maybe someone definitely knows that it takes some time. I don’t wanna annoy the support without a reason. I just can’t wait to go shopping :smiley: Happy new year to you too!


maybe you can wait for a week or two, and then contact them saying “I’m yet to receive things I ordered last year. Not cool!”