How does the "WILL CALL" works?



So , I just wanna ask, how the WILL CALL works.

I am going to the Concert in Cologne , where I bought the VIP Package, and I will receive it at Will call , same procedure at the Concert in Amsterdam for the Summit ?

Does anyone know how it works ???

Thanks for the help



You go to the venue to the ticket booth or computers outside of the venue, and punch in a confirmation number. Then your tickets will print!


Hi Delio,

I had the same question and Lulu from the LPU HQ answered it in e-mail:

"If you selected ‘Will Call’ at check out when you purchased your ticket, you will go to the box office when it opens and collect it with your photo ID (assuming the tickets were purchased under your name). You will likely have to collect your tickets on the day of the show. "


I was wondering myself and just about to ask the same question, thanks for putting my mind at ease!


Thanks guys.

I hope that I find it. In 2007 I won the M&G in Paris, and I did not find the Will Call Station.

Hope this year will be better :slight_smile: