How does Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan Pre-Sale Work?


Relating to the Ticketmaster #VerifiedFan Pre-Sale…I can’t seem to find a link or a way to Register for this?


I’m not too keen on my place in line being determined by how many shares on social media and cds I buy…


I was in a Depeche Mode presale with Strobe and, honestly, it was extremely stressful and a mess. I hope so much that this is better.


That worked perfectly. Thanks!


I must have missed where it said that, how does it determine that?

I’m curious what happens if they don’t play in the location I set, but they do play in the next closest place. Am I screwed for the pre-sale then?

If this all works, I can see it being very useful, I’m just skeptical with it being new and I’m always somewhat unsure what I’m doing when I order tickets online

Edit: Maybe I should finish the process before I question things. It does bump you to the closest location if the selected area isn’t being played in.

The placement boost from buying the album or sharing on Facebook is a bit weird, but we’ll see how it goes. I didn’t have any issues with ticket selection last time I went to a show, and with this already cutting out a decent chunk of early sales, I think you’ll be fine by not sharing the links on social media or buying the album specifically for the pre-sale


As LPU members (super fans), why are we limited to ONE city for access to presale tickets? I often see LP in multiple cities/venues per concert tour. Will I have to purchase additional tickets along with general public? This doesn’t seem right. :frowning:


I don’t think this is stopping you from buying tickets at multiple shows, it’s just stopping you from being high up on the list of first people that get to buy tickets, which I think is perfectly fair if that’s the case. One person shouldn’t get the first shot at tickets for 4 different shows. LPU still gets early access, so I would assume you can get tickets for other locations afterwards. This is just me guessing though, don’t take my word for it


For the DM sale you could only get the pre-sale tickets for your chosen city. They grouped the first hundred or so in for the first 30 minutes of the presale. Then the next hundred for the next half hour. This went on until it was finished. I was in group 1 (I was number 96 for Nashville) and Ticketmaster’s site sat and spun for me for 25 minutes before I could access the presale. Therefore, the only tickets left were not terribly good or were VIP packages up to $650 (and by VIP I mean venue VIP, not band VIP so you really got nothing except early venue access and snacks). The pricing was erratic. One person got row 4 for $129 but every other seat around them was $350 and up. And this was just in the presale.
Where the wheels really came off was the competition for being high on the list and closer to a meet and greet. There were people who, I kid not, bought hundreds of dollars’ worth of CDs to move up in line. Other people signed up dozens of friends and others who made hundreds of bogus accounts to move up. Strobe says they caught those people with fake accounts and bumped them down but who knows if they got everyone. If there’s a way to cheat then there’s someone who will do it.


Also, having done this before, you MUST use the link from the Strobe verified site or you may get locked out. This was a huge problem with the DM presale.