How early do I go?


I have floor tickets for their show in september that starts at 6:30. What time should I go to get a decent spot, preferably up close to the stage?


I would say to be there around 3-4 PM. Its early enough to where you can be among some of the first inside, but late enough that you won’t get tired waiting around all day.


Most people will get there around 1-2 hours early for pit. You don’t have to be the crazy fan that sits there all day. If you want front row, all it takes it getting there around 2-3 hours early, maybe a little more, running fast, and knowing where you are going.


You guys are awesome! Thanks so much!!~ :]


I saw them in ABQ in 2008 and I was there from 8am till the show started (7PM). I had my own food, water, sunscreen, everything. And I waited and waited. There were some people there too when I got there, so I would say go WAY earlier depending on where it is. And I got right up there in the front…AMAZING I must say. I’m going in Dallas, so I’m going to be up there earlier because that’s a HUGE city and there’s two major bands there, so more than just LP fans that you have to deal with…


Thanks for that! I don’t know what show your going to, and it really doesn’t matter. This helps me as well, I don’t have floor seats but I now know that when we show up, LPU members may already be there. My suggestion-get their early enough where you won’t have an issue. 2-4 hours early


oh yeah, and enjoy the show


Totally depends on how close you want to be. I’ve been to concerts where I’m 2nd-4th row from the stage and I hate it. You get tossed around a lot when the people are moshing and nearly lose your balance. So I prefer on the fence where I can secure myself. Don’t care if I get squished, I just don’t want to fall over and get trampled! I usually show up around 9am and am not usually first there. It’s quite the experience and a lot of fun to go that early. You meet a lot of awesome people and they will hold your spot for you while you go inside to warm up (if it’s winter) or let you go get some food while they hold your spot. Have a car nearby to put your camp chairs and coats/blankets in (winter again) a half hour before the doors open and you’re good to go! Lots of people around us at the show generally only show up an hour prior or so but like I said, it’s a lot of fun. :slight_smile: Bring games, chairs and a radio/ipod dock for entertainment.


I went last night to the show in Alpharetta and we got there at noon. there was 3 other people waiting too. we were in the heat but we met some cool friends AND we got dead center, front row. sooo worth the wait!


Make your way to the front hah.


you need to check with the venue too, to see what time they start opening the parking lots…especially if it’s on a weekday. Our show is next Tues. & the venue uses the parking lot for local business during the week. So I was told that they should be opening parking about 5ish, when the gates open at 6. Doesn’t really give much time & there’s gonna be a lot of traffic. This is the first time I’ve been to a venue with an issue like this. I really don’t get why it was planned this way? So, that’s something you might consider checking into…depending on the day of the week of your show. I’m disabled & need to make sure that I get a close parking spot since I can’t walk very far…especially when I’m going to be there for hours. Good luck! Hope you enjoy the show!!!


Well it really depends on how long you’re willing to be there for… I went to the show in Uncasville at 9:30 am and there were already 2 people … however most didn’t start showing up 'til noon…
but the line got a little disorganized because they didn’t put up the paper that said “LPU Early Entry” til about 5 and as soon as people saw it, they just ran… some people who had arrived there only a couple of hours before got to be among the first 20…

I would say get there 4 hours early, watch out for the LPU sign, run FAST, and you should be ok lol


Hey guys, I have a meet and greet and I also have a reserved seat ticket. I am going to the show at dallas, which starts at 5:30, so how early do y’all think I should go? People who have gone for meet and greets for the honda civic tour, please do let me know! Thank you


If you have a reserved seat then it’s not much of a problem… however I’d recommend you get there one hour early so you can find other LPU’ers who are also going to the meet & greet. The m&g’s usually happen during Incubus’s set so you’ll probably miss them…


Depends. The show in Bristow opened the parking lot at 5 and no one was ever allowed to come in before that. Then the doors opened at 6:30 for LPUers with the laminate. They split us in different lines like 3 or 4. Luckily I was the first on my line so I got front row, right in the middle, in front of Mike and Brad :smiley:

The doors to the general public opened at 7:00 so we were so much better off lol. Take advantage of early entry for sureeee !


If you have a reserved seat then it’s not much of a problem… however I’d recommend you get there one hour early so you can find other LPU’ers who are also going to the meet & greet. The m&g’s usually happen during Incubus’s set so you’ll probably miss them…[/quote]

Thanks a lot Rosario. Also, are you sure 1 hr before is early enough?