How early is LPU member early access...from what time? CT show


hey guys, i know according to computicket the doors open at 5pm.
I’ve tried twitter to get some info about the early access for LPU members but haven’t goten a response yet.

So what time will we be able to access for the Cape Town concert?


Normally, 5~10 minutes before the general public.


I have spoken to Big Concerts and I have asked the same question. They said around 30 min early. This was the JHB show so I dont know if it’s the same for the CT show. Wish all the best. Enjoy the show!!


In my experience, its normally about a half hour but I beileve it varies from concert to concert.


Here in SP was about 15 minutes I guess


thanks for the info guys! much appreciated


How do they know if you are an LPU member?


you bring your laminate or print out the receipt or both and bring an ID :slight_smile:


Thanks blackout


no problem,hope u had fun :slight_smile: