How far have you gone?


I have noticed in some other threads that people have travelled huge distances to see this great band, and it’s got me thinking? What is the furtherest anyone has travelled to catch a LP concert (or event for that matter)!!


I think there’s a thread with this topic already but I can’t find it for some reason.
I know people have traveled like from the US to AUS or SA. I haven’t gone too far. 4 hour plane ride but it was totally worth it and I’d do it again in a flash.


To see Linkin Park, I travelled from my old home in Friesland (northern Netherlands), to as far as southern and eastern Germany. That would be 8-11 hours. No biggie, I did the same for Depeche Mode. Now I’ll be heading for the Download Festival, which will be in Derby (UK): again, no biggie, just 8 hours or so. For Deftones in Paris, it’ll only be 2 hours. Unfortunately, I have this huge fear of flying, but if I could, I’d travel thousands of miles just to see them play.

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30 hours each way for South Africa last year from Los Angeles :smiley: Now I’m doing New Zealand which isn’t as long thankfully D:


From Belgium to America \o/ :)))))
And I’d do it again in a heartbeat :wink: Was it not for my children and the money :stuck_out_tongue:


i would travel around the entire planet if i had the money

but im like freaking broke
so not possible right now

as far as i’ve gotten is to the country next to mine for LP


I am lucky to live in Southern California, so they play pretty close to me. I saw them twice at the end of the year last year, and I only had to drive an hour away for the furthest show. However, I will be leaving LA to go to Sydney to see them next week!


Only 2.30 hrs. Thanks God they came in Romania, if they didn’t do it I was planning to go in Germany, but thankfully they did XD


The furthest I went was to Australia in 2010. And now I’m heading back to AUS and going to NZ :slight_smile:


furthest so far was for Edgefest in 2008. it was my 6th LP show. I drove 12 hours there and 12 hours back, not to mention that I technically saw LP in another country. Epic.


I’m from Norway and have been to a concert in Leipzig, Germany. Geographically, it’s the longest way, but it took almost the same time to go to the concerts in Denmark and in Norway;) My best friend is also from Norway and she’s been to Paris 3 times, and London (at the Summit), Denmark, Germany, Finland, and in Norway.


I want to see Linkin Park in Japan.


Not that far. Went from suffolk( dont wanna specify town) to MSG at NYC


Only from aust to new Zealand then melbourne then Adelaide x tash takes the prize for this one x


1465km drive from Sandnes, Norway too Nurburgring, Germany :slight_smile: and i got to go on stage :slight_smile:


I’m from the Uk I saw Linkin Park at Soundwave 2013, in Perth Australia, i didn’t travel all that way just for LP as i was on holiday at the time but it was good to be there as a LPU member, saw a few fellow LPU soliders around which was cool.


Only from DC to Las Vegas… I’d travel more if I had the $$


Only from Sydney to Brisbane to see em with my Hardcore Linkin Park fan cousins! we always watch LP concerts together!