How Has Linkin Park Changed Your Life?


I kind of took this idea from an old thread a while back on the LP Association.

Everybody here seems to have a history with Linkin Park (otherwise none of us would be in the LPU, right?). Some of us have been fans since day one. Some of us have jumped on the bandwagon after hearing an LP song in a Transformer film, and there are all kinds of us that fall in between. For a lot of people, myself included, Linkin Park has played a major role in shaping my life to what it is today.

What’s your story? Let’s have some fun with this. However long or short your story may be, let’s hear how Linkin Park has gotten you where you are today!


[B][U]Circa-early 2001-02 school year[/U][/B]

Seventh grade at Perry Junior High. The time when all the sixth graders from the three elementary schools the year before start a new school year, together. It’s also the first time you experience having classes with kids from different grades.

Together…Especially in gym class.

All the eventful things always happen in the locker rooms at the end of class. Some kids would exchange homework questions, others would talk about their plans for the day or the week, whatever.

Me? It usually varied between getting harassed by the 9th graders or teased by my fellow 7th graders, who taunted me because I needed an aid to follow me from class to class and take notes, or help me with my class work, etc. (but that’s [URL=“”]another story[/URL]). The 9th graders were the thing I feared the most at that time. It started with an occasional shove into a gym locker or wall. A couple times I’ve had my notebooks or binders torn apart or my gym clothes or wristwatch stolen from my locker.

Then there was lunch, which, at most times, had very minimal supervision. At that time I would sit with the same three kids everyday. Kids there, almost daily, would come over and pick at my lunch, or throw it across the room or on the floor. Then I’d sometimes get my head forced onto the table or something.

A couple times a week, usually, I would have scheduled meetings with the school’s counselor to update where I was in my school work, and to address anything that I felt was needed. At first I was a little skeptical with speaking out, thinking all she could do was tell me what to do next. Instead, she took action in telling the gym teachers what was going on, and over time, they increased their supervision in the locker room.

On my Christmas list that year, one thing I remember was asking for a "mix CD that had Limp Bizkit’s “My Way” and Linkin Park’s “In The End” on it, among other things. Instead, I received Hybrid Theory and, naturally, the first few weeks were spent listening to In The End, and occasionally One Step Closer and Crawling.

One day, in the middle of January '02, I had the HT booklet open and on my bed. I started reading through some of the lyrics to some of the other songs. As I was reading, I started putting myself in the words I was reading.

I then just decided to listen to the whole thing, cover to cover. Then I’d listen through it again. And again.

This was amazing. It was like Linkin Park had known all along who I was and what I was going through, and knew just how to help me through it. It was one thing that really kept me going and looking at things more positively.

Having not been a /huge/ LP fan at the time, I bought Reanimation in the middle of August later in the year. After that, Meteora was released and I had paid my mom the money (who was working at home at the time) to go out and pick up a special edition of the album for me the day it came out, so I could experience it when I got home from school that day. That was a day I won’t forget. Having watched the making of Meteora, then my very first listen to it solidified me as a hardcore fan. This was an album that I could let more of my built-up anger with. Especially with Chester’s face-melting screams in Faint, From The Inside and Figure.09. And then my parents had told me that I was going to see them live. In concert.

It was April Fool’s Day when they told me, so, at first I thought they were pulling one on me. It was scheduled to be the first show of that year’s Projekt Revolution tour with X-Zibit, Blindside and Mudvayne. The night before the show, the whole state was pounded with a snow/ice storm and the show ended up rescheduling, and they came back on an off day from Summer Sanitarium with Mudvayne, Cold and Jurassic 5. It was there that I could scream along with my idols, and get out everything I had in me, for one night, with thousands of others. Their live show, for me at that time, was like nothing I’d ever seen, and made me want to see again. So I went back to Projekt Revolution, in 2004.

At the time Minutes To Midnight was released, I, like many others, had grown out of the nü metal era and was experiencing all other kinds of music, from classic rock bands to heavy metal bands, I was into it all. MTM fit right into that era, with a new, redefined sound, it made me glad to feel like Linkin Park, in a sense, was growing up with me. Especially with lyrics like

[B]I’ll face myself
To cross out what I’ve become
Erase myself
And let go of what I’ve done[/B]

After seeing them live at 2007’s Projekt Revolution, I started getting more involved in the online community, namely, the Linkin Park message boards. Soon I found myself spending a lot of time, and nearly my whole day on the boards. In between classes at community college, or here, at home. It was a couple months later that I bough Best Buy’s LPUnderground7 pack.

Joining the LPU was one of the best things that could have happened to me (outside of that year’s CD which had edited versions of recordings I had already downloaded). I was meeting more people who were just like me, with similar, and interesting, stories. Going into the chat room on a regular basis (and still do to this day), and interacting with some people who I’ve considered best friends over the years, which also led to a group of us meeting up at the Revolution Stage of Projekt Revolution 2008 in Hartford (unrelated, but my happy birthday sign for Chris Cornell at this show landed me in an episode of [URL=“”] LPTV[/URL]).

Linkin Park inspires me and keeps me going everyday and meeting them in Boston on the A Thousand Suns world tour was one moment I know I’ll never forget. The only thing I really regret from that experience is that we didn’t have enough time to interact, or to show them my tattoo (which was [URL=“”]inspired by my life experiences[/URL]), which I plan to have them sign when I attend this summer’s Summit


I have been a Huge LP fan since I heard “Crawling” on KROQ in 2000 when I used to live in LA. I moved back to my hometown of Chicago but I didn’t realize though at the time moving back to my hometown & home would bring back all the painful memories I endured as a teenager. Crawling was a song that I was able to relate to because of the song’s meaning and how I felt. Having dealt with abuse, the wounds did not heal & what I felt consumed me. Then I bought Hybrid Theory through BMG music & listened to that song and many others especially In the End over and over and just Like Andrew, the words spoke for me.

Meteora came out & I was thrilled to have more awesome unique sounds with such meaningful lyrics speak for me again. I went to my first show during this album tour & was absolutely in love at first sound. They give amazing shows every time & I was addicted. I also went to Projekt Revolution with LInkin Park, Snoop Dogg, & Korn during that year. Then there was a large gap in time before MTM. Unfortunately, during MTM I had been going through my deepest depression & I’m not sure why but I didn’t feel the MTM album right away. It took Transformers for me to fall back in love. I gave some of the songs a shot and I liked them. I was too deep into going back to my past to thoroughly enjoy the album. Luckily A Thousand Suns was released & then something happened where I was able to look on the bright side of things and to the future.

It took me years and years of Linkin Park Albums to really realize the pain I was feeling. I also had my own children during these gaps of LP albums (even though the child inside me was still hurting) and so it took something for me to go through an enlightenment the last two years & I inked myself with the MTM LP logo because their music has helped me “hold myself up & love my scars”. It also has “Time is a valuable thing, leave out all the rest” wrapped around it. I’m so thankful to have had Linkin Park there for me the past 12 years & they continue to be my inspiration & motivation in everything I do.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a member of the LPU until this year but I’m so glad I did. If it wasn’t for Mike dedicating the bridge of Bleed it Out/A Place For My Head at the Chicago Concert January 2011 & what we missed at the summit, I might not have ever thought about joining a fan club for a band! I am constantly on the LPU boards & have made some amazing friends because of LPU & Linkin Park. Many of my close friends who are also huge Linkin Park Fans have also gone through some battles of their own & being relate to them and even you Andrew makes me feel good being a LP Fan til the end.


It all started when I bought my first ipod nano from my cousin for $80 in 6th grade. I was looking through the artists (and there were a lot), and the highlight-bar thing landed on Linkin Park. Thinking it was a cool name, I selected it and there was only one song from them- Numb.

So I listened it to it. Over and over and over. I loved it (I even remember dancing to it one time). Eventually later on, I would get a few more songs from them and then listen to them over and over and over.

And then seventh grade happened: the first time I experienced depression. My best memory of that time was sitting on the bus, listening to LP (and others) with that black hole feeling inside. I didn’t really absorb the lyrics or think deeply about the songs since I was too busy thinking of other things relating to my depression. Later on in seventh grade, I found new friends, making life better, but I didn’t listen to LP that much. From there, I listened to them on and off, and whenever someone mention them, I would go “oh yeah, they’re pretty cool”, and would sing along whenever I heard them on the radio or where ever I was.

My love for them sort of revived when New Divide came out; I bought it on iTunes and would, like before, listen to it over and over and over until I got kind of tired of it, and went back to being off and on with them.

When A Thousand Suns came out, my brother, also an LP “fan”, told me LP came out with a new album. Not knowing that, I asked about it.

“Dude, it’s totally different from their earlier style; it sucks. The only good song is The Catalyst.”
“They sold out.”
“I bought the whole album. Total waste of money.”

…And I believed him.
…Big regret there.

Fast forward to November of last year. It was the hardest time in my life. My friends were ignoring me, so I had left them and was alone (this happened twice). That and family issues were seriously weighing me down. I was sitting at my desk, casually surfing the internet. And for some random reason, I thought back to when brother told me ATS sucked. And I thought, “hmm. why not see for myself?”

So I went onto grooveshark, where I had a few LP songs on my playlist, looked up LP, and saw Waiting for the End on their top songs list, and seeing that it was from ATS, I clicked play.

Clicking ‘play’ was one of the best things I have done for myself.

The lyrics almost exactly described with what I was feeling. I loved the sound. I loved everything.

That’s when I became an official LP fan.
Over the months, I listened to more LP songs and absorbed the lyrics and thought about them and connected them to life. And during that time, I found new friends (well, they found me, but still), making it part of why my life’s better.

Overall, It was the lyrics that changed my life.

It’s Linkin Park that keeps me laughing, smiling, thinking, and motivated every day.

And I’ll never forget that.


i cant remember how it all happend, that i all of sudden became fan and obsessed…
all i know is that i liked a couple songs from them like in the end, numb, pushing me away (only piano version back then)

- ugh im trying to remember how when and where but im seriously empty, dang it-

well anyway
they did change me and i love them for that
they give me hope and make me stay positive
they are really like a guidance for me
the music they make makes me feel more comfortable and by their music i can know
there are still people out there that understand me

thank you guys
love you forever


At first, I didn’t know why I got hooked on LP. I just know I love their songs and after analysing their lyrics closer, I feel a sense of comfort. Like somehow, the songs relate to me in some way or another. Also, the dedication of the band have shown me that I also can have something I want if I put all my heart and soul into it. Has shown me what I really can be. I’m still loving their sound and never am I leaving. :smiley:


Really only just got into them (again!) properly quite recently, but they have been in and out of my life in various ways since day one (too long a tale to tell in full today, but sure I will blog about it one day).

However, I remember buying Hybrid Theory when it was first released and having a Kerrang poster of them on my wall. Unfortunately that disappeared years ago, but every time since then when their music has re-entered my life I always think back to this poster…In those early days of staring at that poster whilst blasting out In The End on repeat (because this was one of my early faves), I had no idea how they would keep coming back at such significant moments.

I’m amazed at myself that it’s taken so long for them to become cemented into my life, but I suppose their music has been there all along: it’s just I never realised before how important it is/has been. For me this realisation is what has ‘changed my life’ the most and that’s what makes Linkin Park Linkin Park. The individual pleasures we take from their music is what makes them universally appealing and thus they are perfect in every way!


It all started in 2001 in high school. At that time i usually only used to listen to techno music as I was a dj back then, i was still about 15-16 years old and yes i used to be a dj playing in various clubs and events in my country and also across europe. So techno was a big thing for me. But i remember one time at school during our break time a classmate came up to me and said you need to listen to something different. And i said to myself ok lets see what he has to offer. He gave me his Walkman and there were various bands on it. All of sudden i hear those first sampling tones from crawling and as soon as chester’s voice came out i was blown away! I told him who the hell are these guys ?! he said Linkin Park.

That day after school surfed the internet and searched hybrid theory listened to it and bam thats it i was hooked bye bye techno ! Later on when i was around my early 20’s i broke up with my 4 year relationship i had with my ex girlfriend, I started listening to LP again. It was so comforting hearing those lyrics from hybrid theory i could so relate to what i was going trough form the lyrics especially Pushing me away. I mean the lyrics from pushing me away described my relationship that i had with her. If it wasnt for LP i would not have gotten to where I am today.

This is the last smile,
That I’ll fake for the sake of being with you,
The sacrifice of hiding in a lie,
The sacrifice is never knowing,

Why i never walked away,
Why i played myself this way,
Now i see you’re testing me
Pushes me away

After that i ended up buying all of their albums and dvd’s. That is when i really got hooked on LP. I have been an LPU member since ATS. Went to see them live in london nov 2010 front row will never forget the experience! After that i tattooed the LP logo on my right finger and it did not stop there. I actually ended up doing a whole sleeve full of LP and Mike shinoda artwork! I cannot wait to attened a meet and greet and show my ink to mike ! I wonder what the reaction would be ! :slight_smile:

I thank linkin park for exisiting and giving us really awseome music, if it wasnt for them i am not the person i am today they truly shaped up my life. Keep the good music coming boys :slight_smile:


Courtesy of LP I got to travel thousands of miles, meet some very special people, and thanks to being on the LPST, I met my girlfriend of 4 years (who now lives with me). So, I’d say LP worked out pretty well for me.


Linkin Park changed my life financially. I have spent more money on LP than anything else. Aside from normal bills. Come to think of it, if I never got into LP, I wouldn’t have spent SOO much money needing to buy all the stuff I have, go to concerts or pay for fanclubs. I would probably spend the money on something else I don’t need, but it’s still fun to think where I would be without LP.


They saved my life. Everything else is just a bonus smile compared to the single fact they saved me as a stupid, naive, moronic teen.


Their Lyrics are very relatable to everyday life’s problems and relationship hassles. In short, there’s always one or the other linkin park song that fits in with what you feel at any point in time. And that has helped me look past failures and neglect redeem my self confidence whenever I’ve felt depressed or angry.


My life has always been rough…Around 12 years ago, I was in a very dark place in my life, which almost lead to my destruction…It was around this time I heard Hybrid Theory and the first song I heard was “Crawling” and when I first heard it, I cried because for the first time, I understood what was happening to me…shortly after that, “One Step Closer” became my theme song because it’s so much easier to explain why I was so angry then why I was so depressed…

I also want to mention that LP saved my mom’s life…I’m not going to get into her history, but one early morning…I was frustrated with my mom and her behavior, I did not have no words to say to her…I asked her to just listen to a song that I believed resonated with her…that song I played was “Breaking The Habit” and when my mom first heard it, she was really incohert, but she kept asking me to play it again…and again…and again…later, when she was lucid, she asked me for the “Meteora” CD and she played the album over and over…because of “Meteora”, my mom did a complete 180…

To this day, Linkin Park is the one thing we continue to share…


I first heard an LP song when I was around 5 or 6 (2001/2002) through a friend, the song was Points of Authority, I really liked the song, but being 5/6 my parents didn’t really want to spend money for music for me quite yet, later on when I would use my moms ipod shuffle (2005/2006) I discovered By Myself, didn’t know the song name because it was a shuffle, nor did I know it was LP, then T-formers came out, liked What Ive Done enough to look more into LP, and discovered that they made the 2 songs that I really liked (not many other songs came remotely close) and since then its been one really awesome ride, I have pre-ordered both ATS and LT since then. I first heard of LPU in the middle of LPU9 with the song Across The Line, joined in LPUX and went to the Feb. 25, 2011 concert and M&G. Without LP everyday, I’d be in an insane asylum! They really are great people.

More on the impact they have had on my life is, even if i didn’t follow them from the beginning like LP13413 did, i wish i could have, i was merely 5 when Hybrid Theory came out, not much going on in my brain but Blue Clues and Bugs Bunny, but Points Of Authority was the first time i really loved a songand after that i didnt love a song like that again until By Myself, after that i explored some more music, the same friend again showed me Greenday (American Idiot) and Switchfoot (Beautiful Letdown) i loved Switchfoot more, but i still like both albums today, and a road trip just isnt a road trip until you listen to some Switchfoot, but with LP, every song i can relate to in some way, and I love it, I really wish I could make one song that would hold all of that Awesomeness that is Linkin Park and share it with the world, but only 6 people on this planet can do that, and they don’t for one very good reason, the world would destroy itself in its lava tears only shed by awesomeness. But also, not to long after i rediscovered LP, i went through a tough time, moving and a friend betraying me in a really bad way, and with out the song that LP has given to me, i would have cracked under the pressure. I salute you Mike, Chester, Brad, Phoenix, Joe, and Rob, you will forever be my favorite band!


I think I’m much younger than most people writing here, I’m just 13, but still…

I first heard LP on the radio about 5-6 years ago. I heard Leave Out All The Rest and Shadow of The Day over and over. Back then I had no idea they had other albums, but later I bought Minutes To Midnight and have been a huge fan since. I used to just hear the songs and keep saying that the music was awesome. Only lately have I been able to realize that the lyrics are the most important part.

I changed schools this year, after being almost my whole life in another school, a small one, where we all knew each other, and my friends there are my truest friends. This new school, it’s good, but my school life has lost a lot this year. I almost never see my old friends, and two of them have just moved, one to another city, the other one to another country.
LP songs have helped me get through those times when everybody says I should just let it all go and I can’t. They don’t get it, but I just CAN’T. LP lyrics have showed me that nobody should tell me what to feel like. They’ve shown me that if I want to, I can get anywhere and do anything, no matter how filled with longing, sadness or anger I am.

I’ve realized that sometimes what you need is someone to say to you that how you feel is not wrong, that there’s no reason to let go unless you really don’t care, and Mike and Chester’s words have given me not just that, but also a strenght that I haven’t been able to get from anyone else.

I am who I am. I feel like I feel. That’s all there is. That’s what LP has said to me.

And I haven’t even had the chance to see LP live. I’m sure when it happens, it’ll change my life all over again. I’m glad there are people out there who can probably understand me, because LP has said similar things to them.

Thank you Linkin Park



i like the the song numb because i could relate to that as if they wrote if for me lol - also one step closer and breaking the habit , somewhere i belong … ect it makes me realize that i am not the only whos dealt with isolation and ect…

their lyrics are real life situations and feelings not the typical " sex n drugs songs " there songs are about feelings, actions, and overcoming addiction with songs like like crawling and breaking the habit … thats why linkin park has felt like they’ve always been there

Linkin Park has made me awesome lol there music makes me relieve my stress :smiley: i jog to their music it makes cardio so much fun :DD

im not sure exactly wen but i know that it started n middleschool hmm i was 12 that i knew who linkin park was it was during the green day era fall out boy era boy band rock idk but i grew to love them


First heard of them in Junior year of High School. A friend sais I should check out the CrawIing video. I instantly just related to their lyrics.


Oh God…

I don´t think that there are enough words to describe that…

Fact is: I would be dead without Linkin Park…

I went through hell, but with LP it seemed like heaven. They saved me in so many ways…
If it wasn´t with all that signs, the energy or their music…-then at least with Blackout …
Thanx for making me clean again, LP!!!

It´s good, that we can see the energy and believe in it.
-allows us to be living things…


they got me into the music world and bred my diversity for not just all types of music but in general too!